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Sets of ink cartridges for the Epson XP-202 printer

Cartridge Save Epson T1816
  • Pack of 4 high capacity ink cartridges
  • Premium brand recycled ink cartridges

    Made using recycled Epson cartridges, these premium brand cartridge are a direct replacement for the Epson versions.

    Manufactured to strict quality standards, our premium cartridges produce high quality prints and are very reliable — in fact, we use them in our offices and recommend them to friends, family and other businesses.

    Note that by using these cartridges, you will not be invalidating the warranty on your Epson printer.

    As with everything we sell, they are covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

  • Lowest online price guaranteed

    Lowest online price guaranteed

    If within 7 days of buying a product from us, you find the same product cheaper at any other UK online store, we will refund you with 100% of the difference.

    For more information, click on the Low Price Guarantee link at the bottom of this page.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
0.8p per page

Price per page

This figure is based on manufacturer quoted values and is for comparison purposes only.

It is derived from testing using the international ISO standard for printing (ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712). For most cartridges this means 5% coverage printed onto plain A4 paper.

470 pages
450 pages
450 pages
450 pages
£14.40 (£17.28 inc VAT)

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Multi-buy discount
2 £13.23 (£15.88 inc VAT)
3+ £12.77 (£15.32 inc VAT)

Black ink cartridges for the Epson XP-202 printer

Cyan ink cartridges for the Epson XP-202 printer

Magenta ink cartridges for the Epson XP-202 printer

Yellow ink cartridges for the Epson XP-202 printer

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • How many pages do these Epson EXP202 ink cartridges last for please?

    Epson XP-202 cartridge capacitites

    The pages yields for XP-202 cartridges are all shown on the website beside each cartridge. They are based on printing at 5% coverage on an A4 page:

    Black Epson T1801 ink cartridge: 175 pages
    High capacity black Epson T1811 ink cartridge: 470 pages
    Cyan Epson T1802 ink cartridge: 180 pages
    High capacity cyan Epson T1812 ink cartridge: 450 pages
    Magenta Epson T1803 ink cartridge: 180 pages
    High capacity magenta Epson T1813 ink cartridge: 450 pages
    Yellow T1804 ink cartridge: 180 pages
    High capacity yellow Epson T1814 ink cartridge: 450 pages

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - almost 2 years ago
  • Hello, do these 'chipped' cartridges overcome the Epson warning panel that appears whenever printing with compatible cartridges please?

    Epson XP-202 compatible ink cartridges

    Our compatible Epson XP-202 ink cartridges are ready for installation into your printer and you should bypass any warnings about using genuine cartridges. Furthermore, all of our cartridges are backed by our guarantee that would cover you for a free of charge replacement or full refund in the event that you received a faulty cartridge.

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - almost 2 years ago
  • If I purchase an Epson XP 202 printer will I be able to use the same cartridges that I use for my Epson DX7400 printer?

    XP-202 printer cartridge compatibility

    No, the Epson DX7400 printer uses different cartridges to the Epson XP-202 printer. You must use the cartridges we list on this page in the XP-202 printer, other supplies will not be compatible.

    Answered by Stacy Bass (Staff Member) - almost 2 years ago
  • Can I use Epson Stylus SX130 cartridges (T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284) in an Epson Expression Home XP202. If not, which Epson printers can I use them with? As my printer has died and I have lots of cartridges to use, I need to buy a compatible printer? Thank you for your advice.

    Cartridges for Epson XP-202

    No, the Epson XP-202 printer can only uses the cartridges listed on this page and they are not the same type of cartridges that go in the Epson Stylus SX130 printer. The best way to see a list of printers that can use the Epson T1281 - T1284 ink cartridges for the Stylus SX130 is to view the product T1285 which is a multipack of all four cartridges. If you follow this link and scroll down to the heading, "This item is guaranteed to work in the following printers", you'll see a full list of printers that can use the T1285 (SX130) ink cartridges that you currently possess:

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • Do you send Epson XP202 ink to Denmark?

    Delivery of XP-202 ink cartridges

    Sorry, we only deliver within the UK.

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • How do I install the black ink cartridge in my Epson XP202 printer?

    Epson XP-202 cartridge installation

    Please refer to the instructions with your new black Epson XP-202 cartridge or consult your printer manual for these instructions. If you no longer have a copy of the Epson Expression Home XP-202 printer manual you can download it from the following page on Epson's website:

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • I'm interested in buying an Epson Expression XP-202 wireless printer but don't want to pay too much for replacement cartridges. The prices do seem to vary a lot, what roughly should I expect to pay?

    Cost of Epson XP202 ink cartridges

    All of our current prices for Epson Expression Home XP-202 ink cartridges are listed above beside each item on the right-hand side of the page in red / grey font. We have a low price promise for Epson XP-202 ink cartridges so if you find a cheaper deal on another UK website, within seven days of purchasing them from us, we'll refund you the difference.

    Answered by Tamara Sawyer (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • I've got an Epson XP 202 printer and have lost the instructions on how to fit new cartridges. Could you please help?

    Epson XP-202 cartridge installation

    Please follow the link below to Epson's website where you can download a copy of the manual with instructions on how to replace your Epson XP-202 ink cartridges:

    Answered by Tamara Sawyer (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • Can I buy and use a larger Epson 18XL ink cartridge for one colour that has run out if the other cartridges in my XP-202 printer are still the smaller capacity Epson 18 ink cartridges or will I have to change them all at the same time?

    Using high capacity Epson XP-202 cartridges

    No, the standard capacity Epson 18 ink cartridges are interchangeable with the high capacity Epson 18XL ink cartridges so you can mix and match them within your Epson XP-202 printer.

    Answered by Nichola Ansbro (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • My Epson XP202 printer is telling me that I need to refill my black ink cartridge. Is it possible to buy a pack of black and colour ink?

    Epson XP-202 black and colour ink sets

    Yes, we do sell multipacks of genuine or compatible Epson XP-202 ink with the four separate colours for black, cyan, magenta and yellow. You can choose between standard or high capacity cartridges in our 4 colour multipacks. Please see:

    Genuine 4 colour Epson T1806 ink cartridge multipack:

    Genuine high capacity 4 colour Epson T1816 ink cartridge multipack:

    Answered by Stacey Cullen (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • How do I replace an empty ink cartridge in my XP-202 printer?

    Epson XP-202 ink cartridge replacement

    Please refer to your Epson Expression Home XP-202 printer manual for instructions on how to install the cartridges. If you don't have a copy of the manual you can dowload it from Epson's website by clicking on the following link:

    Answered by Stacey Cullen (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • Can I order from Sweden? I tried but my postal code wasn't accepted.

    Ordering Epson XP-202 ink

    Unfortunately, we can only deliver to addresses with a valid UK post code.

    Answered by Tamara Sawyer (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • I'm looking for information on a high quality professional ink cartridge for photographers as I need to know if they need a special printer? i met a professional photographer who said they were good but I didn't ascertain if they would fit my XP-202 All-in-One printer? Thanks.

    High quality Epson XP-202 ink for professional photographers

    As far as we're aware you can only use the ink cartridges listed on our website in the Epson Expression Home XP-102 printer. These are the genuine Epson XP-102 cartridges with Claria Home Ink as advertised by Epson on their website. Please contact Epson directly to find out if there's a superior quality ink as we only stock the standard consumables for the XP-102 printer.

    Answered by Tamara Sawyer (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • Can I purchase only black ink cartridges for my Epson XP 202 printer? Thank you.

    Black ink cartridges for XP-202

    We sell single black ink cartridges for the Epson XP-202 printer as well as the multipacks which contain all four colours. However, it's likely that in order to use the printer you'll need to have all four colour cartridges installed with ink in them. For the single black ink cartridges that work in the Epson XP-202 printer please click on the links below:

    Genuine Epson T1801 black ink cartridge:

    Genuine Epson T1811 high capacity black ink cartridge:

    Compatible Epson T1811 high capacity black ink cartridge:

    Answered by Amanda Garnett (Staff Member) - 9 months ago
  • Are you shipping these Epson XP-202 ink cartridges to Denmark?

    Delivery of Espon XP202 ink

    Unfortunately, we only ship to addresses in the UK.

    Answered by Demi Mitchell (Staff Member) - 5 months ago
  • Hi, do you no longer stock compatible cartridges for the Epson XP202 printer? Only genuine Epson's keep coming up?

    Compatible Epson XP-202 ink availability

    Yes, we now have a new range of high quality compatible Epson 18XL ink cartridges in stock which should be available to order from this page. Please use the following link to see our compatible Epson 18XL high capacity 4 colour multipack for the XP-202 printer:

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - 3 months ago
  • I live in Jersey. Please tell me how I can get VAT taken off my order?

    VAT exemption

    If you contact a member of our customer service team by telephone we can take your order details from you and remove the VAT for orders to the Channel Islands before the payment goes through.

    Answered by Euphemia Milner (Staff Member) - about 1 month ago
  • I can't work out how to change the inks in my xp202 please can you help?

    change inks

    Please see the below link to the online user manual for your printer.

    Select the printing tab.

    Answered by Damon Tetley (Staff Member) - 15 days ago
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Epson XP-202 Printer Review

Expert review of the Epson XP-202 printer 13 November 2012

Our Verdict:

The Epson XP-202 Expression Home printer, scanner, and copier is the ideal choice for home users in need of a versatile device that offers high quality printing and efficient copy and scan functions as well. The Epson XP202 multifunction printer offers high print resolutions, and even faster print rates, while also adding WiFi capabilities for printing from and scanning to WiFi devices. The Epson XP-202 Expression Home all-in-one inkjet printer is the best choice for those who are looking for a basic multifunction device with advanced features.


The ultra-compact Epson XP-202 has the same frame and design as the earlier Expression Home model, only it has a white finish instead of the black glossy finish that the XP102 had. It features both high-speed USB and WiFi connectivity, which add to the unit's versatility, ideal for those who want to switch between printing wirelessly and through a wired connection. The Epson Expression Home XP-202 wireless small-in-one uses inkjet technology, helping users save ink money by using separate ink cartridges instead of tri-colour tanks that most other inkjets use.


In addition to wireless printing and scanning, the Epson XP202 inkjet printer boasts high-resolution outputs. Its maximum print resolution reaches up to 5760x1400 dpi, while its optimized scanning resolution reaches 1200x2400 dpi. Print speeds are much faster than the previous model, at 30 ppm when printing black and white and 15 ppm when printing in colour. Buying a full set of Epson XP-202 printer cartridges won't set you back a great deal of cash, especially when purchasing an Epson Expression Home XP202 multipack.


The only disadvantage of the Epson XP-202 printer is its lack of fax capabilities, which puts it behind the competition. Most other multifunction units in the same price range offer print, scan, copy, and fax functions as opposed to just the printer, copier and scanner deployed by the XP-202.