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Sets of ink cartridges for Lexmark X1130 printer

Compatible High Capacity Lexmark Black & Tri-Colour 16 / 26 Ink Multipack (Replaces 0080D2126 contains 1x 010N0016E / 010N
  • Multipack saving: £5.61

    Compared to buying these separately

  • Pack of 2 high capacity ink cartridges
  • Premium brand recycled ink cartridges

    Made using recycled Lexmark cartridges, these cartridges are a direct replacement for the Lexmark versions. Manufactured to strict quality standards, our premium cartridges produce high quality prints and are very reliable — in fact, we use them in our offices and recommend them to friends, family and other businesses.

  • 12 month guarantee and FREE returns

    If within a year of purchase you happen to experience any quality problem, we'll happily provide a replacement, or a full refund.

    Whatever the reason for returning items to cartridgesave.co.uk, you will never pay a penny for postage.

  • Won't invalidate your printer warranty

    We guarantee that your standard printer warranty will not be invalidated by using our premium brand cartridges. If any of our cartridges do cause a problem with your printer, we'll arrange for your printer to be repaired (or replaced if it can't be repaired).

Best value Premium

2.8p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

410 pages
300 pages
1 x 16ml
1x 15ml
High Capacity
1 £19.60 (£23.52 inc VAT)
2 £17.40 (£20.88 inc VAT)
3+ £16.48 (£19.78 inc VAT)
Prices includes FREE next-day delivery

Best value Premium

2.8p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

410 pages
300 pages
1 x 16ml
1x 15ml
£19.60 (£23.52 inc VAT)

FREE next-day delivery

Multi-buy discount
2 £17.40 (£20.88 inc VAT)
3+ £16.48 (£19.78 inc VAT)

Black ink cartridges for Lexmark X1130 printer

Colour ink cartridges for Lexmark X1130 printer

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • I only need a black Lexmark X1130 cartridge as the colour one is still almost full. Can I buy just one?

    Buying single black Lexmark X1130 ink cartridges

    Yes, if you return towards the top of this page we have the single black ink cartridges listed under the heading 'Black ink cartridges for the Lexmark X1130 printer'. You will either require a high capacity black Lexmark No. 16 cartridge or a light user black Lexmark No. 17 ink cartridge.

    Answered by Claire Smith (Staff Member) - about 6 years ago
  • What's the difference between high and low use cartridges? I expect to be printing about 300+ pages in the next three months. Which cartridge would be better?

    High or low use cartridges

    The high capacity Lexmark X1130 ink cartridges produce more pages and are more cost-effective to buy in the long-run as they average a cheaper cost-per-print. We would recommend that you buy high capacity Lexmark X1130 ink cartridges to print over 300 pages. For example, the high capacity black Lexmark 16 cartridge will print approximately 410 pages compared to only 205 pages from the light user black Lexmark 17 cartridge. You should also be aware that page yields are based on a 5% coverage of the page so if you're printing full pages of text then the amount of pages you will end up printing will be less than the figure being quoted.

    Answered by Claire Smith (Staff Member) - about 6 years ago
  • You say No. 16 and No. 26 cartridges are for my X1130 but in my printer I have No. 17 and No. 27 cartridges. Why?

    Lexmark X1130 cartridge numbers

    You can use any of the cartridges listed on this page in your Lexmark X1130 printer including the Lexmark 16, 17, 26 and 27 cartridges. The Lexmark 17 and 27 cartridges you're currently using are light-user cartridges whereas the Lexmark 16 and 26 are high capacity cartridges. As long as you have one black and one tri-colour ink cartridge installed in your Lexmark X1130 printer you can use any combination of these ink cartridges depending on how much ink you require to use.

    Answered by Amanda Garnett (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
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Lexmark X1130 Printer Review

Expert review of the Lexmark X1130 printer

Our Verdict:

The Lexmark name has certainly become synonymous with high quality printing over the years and when the team behind the scenes at Lexmark release a new printer, there is often a level of anticipation that surrounds this release. Thankfully, the Lexmark X1130 certainly lives up to the hype and here are just a few good reasons as to why.


Firstly, the design of the Lexmark X1130 warrants your attention. There is often a fine line between an attractive and interesting printer and one which steals focus in your home or office. Thankfully, the Lexmark X1130 treads this line with a degree of ease. A wonderfully stylish silver finish and very user friendly interface, attached to the bottom right corner of the lid are both present in the Lexmark X1130 and it is as attractive as it is functional. Something which cannot be said for every printer on the market.


There have been plenty of positive reviews written about the Lexmark X1130 since it first appeared on the market, and they seem to say the same thing; print outs are wonderfully clear and sharp. Whether you are producing text documents, photos or simple colour print outs, the Lexmark X1130 not only produces these items to a high standard, these print outs actually dry in a very short time too, allowing you to keep on printing time after time.


We've struggled a little here because there really aren't any disadvantages to the Lexmark X1130. The printer is not only affective, simple to operate and charismatic, it is also very reasonably priced for such a printer. So, all in all, the Lexmark X1130 is a fine item and one which is actually very hard to fault, even though we tried to do so (and honestly, we did).