10 Apps To Make Your Summer Memorable

After a cold and wintry spring, it seems the summer sun has finally arrived. It’s time to get outside and enjoy all the things to do in the fair weather, and you can use the latest apps to take advantage of any impending holidays and general sunshine.

Here are ten of the best apps available for summer activities; walking and cycling, picnics and outings, booking flights, hotels, and simply finding a place to enjoy a nice meal are all catered for by modern technology. So here are apps to help make your summer memorable; if you spot any you like click on the blue text for a direct link to the app.

1. EveryTrail

EveryTrail uses your iPhone or Android smartphone’s GPS to track your route when you’re out walking, cycling, running, hiking, sailing, driving or on any other type of trip.

The app creates a travel map as your trip progresses and you can add comments and photos and then share you journey with the EveryTrail community. Other travellers have logged more than 4000,000 trips across the world so wherever you are you should be able to find the perfect journey, from wandering through urban cityscapes to enjoying the wilderness of the great outdoors.

2. Picnic Planner

The Picnic Planner app takes the headache out of remembering all the items you need to take along for summertime picnics and barbecues. The app features a list of over 275 popular picnic items which you can check and uncheck to create customisable lists that can be used again and again.

Items are categorized and lists can be personalised according to who is attending the outing so you know you have all the appropriate ingredients and equipment for every picnic.

3. Strava Cycling and Strava Run

Strava presents two of the world’s most popular fitness apps – Strava Cycling and Strava Run – which offer the perfect way to get out on cycling and running challenges this summer.

You can track your rides and runs, including distance, speed, elevation and calories burned, and then record your achievements with maps, stats and personal records.

Some of Strava’s best features offer the chance to see where you rank compared to your friends and the wider Strava community, beating others’ best times and joining monthly Strava challenges to keep you motivated.


When it comes to booking your summer holiday one of the best and most popular apps available is KAYAK, which covers flights, car rentals, hotels and more. You can check the status of your flight and baggage fees, find airport info and airline phone numbers, view currency conversions, manage trip itineraries, and book a hotel directly within the app.

5. ReallyLateBooking

A great app for European summer holidays is ReallyLateBooking, which enables you to find and book a hotel for a same-day reservation atreally great prices. The app’s developers have linked up with hotel owners to offer the cheapest deals, you can book on the same day up until 3am, and the app encompasses 15 major European cities and more than 20 major cities in Spain.

6. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most well-used holiday and travel websites available on the internet, and the TripAdvisor app provides access to all the same information and reviews while you’re on the move.

You can browse more than 75 million reviews from other users to find the best hotels, flights, restaurants and things to do wherever you are travelling, add your own reviews and photos of the places you visit to assist your fellow travellers. The app provides the opportunity to read all the most honest and often candid thoughts and reviews about the best – and worst – places to visit in your locality.

7. TripLingo

A frequent feature of a foreign summer holiday is coping with the local language and TripLingo is the perfect tool for communicating with the people you meet during your journeys.

TripLingo takes a helpful  and humorous approach to breaking through the language barrier, covering words and useful phrases in French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and Castilian Spanish, with over 1,200 entries in each language, including slang and swear words – so there’s local lingo to suit every occasion!

8. Wilderness First Aid

If your summer plans involve leaving the beaten track and exploring the wild places, the Wilderness First Aid app could be an excellent tool to have installed on your smartphone.

The app provides a reference guide so you can find the essential first aid information in an outdoor emergency, follow step-by-step treatment guides and, importantly,  establish whether or not to evacuate the patient.

From bee stings and sunburn to altitude sickness and broken bones, Wilderness First Aid a great app for you summer adventures.

9. CAMRA Good Beer Guide

For 40 years the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has been promoting real ale and publishing it’s trusted Good Beer Guide. Now the Guide is available as an app on your smartphone so you can find quality pubs serving quality drinks in your area – the app has a growing database of 4,500 UK pubs with reviews of the pubs and the beer they serve written by independent CAMRA volunteers.

Enjoying the summer can be thirsty work – the Good Beer Guide enables you to find perfect refreshment across the UK.

10. SitOrSquat

Finally, the summer is the perfect opportunity to get out and about, exploring places and enjoying food and drink – but it’s also very handy to be aware of the availability of toilets wherever you are travelling – SitOrSquat is the app that offers the solution.

It lists and reviews public conveniences near your location and you can add your favourite toilet visits, provide reviews, and learn from fellow users the best place for a relaxing pit-stop whilst you’re on the go enjoying the summer.

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