Canon Photo Paper for Studio Quality Prints

Canon Photo Paper ProIt is a misconception that a printer has everything to do with the quality of photos printed. A printer delivers ink and precision but there has to be a medium that can withhold the ink in the design intended. The truth is that the photo paper plays an equally important role in displaying the clarity and depth in photos.

In my printing experience, I have found that Canon has the best photo printers and has owned over others by quite a margin. There is a significant difference that was observed when photos printed over non Canon paper were compared to those printed on Canon photo paper. Photos on Canon photo paper displayed excellent colour rendition and studio quality prints.

Canon photo paper pro is on the expensive side costing £5 for twenty 4” X 6” sheets. You get what you pay for. Canon claims that this photo paper is fade resistant for 25 years and it borderless printing. The age of white borders has surely gone out into the invisible mode.

If you are particular about your photo prints, Canon printer along with Canon photo paper pro should be your ideal choice.

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