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Fingerprinter App

Apple’s AirPrint, released last year, lets you transmit a document or image from an iPhone or iPad to a printer without copying to a PC.

Now AirPrint has company. It’s called FingerPrint, and it comes from Silican Valley developers Collobos Software. Available for both Mac and Windows, it displays on your iPhone or iPad a list of printers installed on your computer, plus your computer itself and a dropbox account if you have one. Make a selection and your document goes to whichever destination you pick.

One problem with AirPrint is that few printers support it. FingerPrint solves that problem, working as it does through your PC to access just about anything you have installed on it. Reviews on FingerPrint seem to vary between positive and near-delirious.

AirPrint sells for $9.99 US per copy with a free, limited-functionality version you can download and use to make sure it works on your system. Collobos and AirPrint are online at:

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