Coolest, Quirkiest & Most Eye-Catching Business Cards

When it comes to the business world, we’re all trying to get ahead by standing out against the competition. One unique way that people are making themselves a bit more noticeable to a client or employer is to create customized, one-of-a-kind business cards that are not only creative and cool to look at, but they also tend to leave a lasting impression on the people that receive the cards.

Here’s some excellent examples of “business cards gone wild”. These creative designs will definitely leave a lasting impression with the potential client/employer and should help win some extra “style points” which could be the extra edge that many people are looking for in the highly competitive business world. Let’s get those creative juices flowing…

1. These unusual business cards put a very unique twist on the typical, boring business cards that you’re carrying around right now. Everyone gets at least a slight amount of enjoyment out of ripping open an envelope of this kind, and now you can get it from a business card…brilliant!

2. This business card is great, because you can tell right away what services are offered – very memorable.

3. Here’s one of the most creative business card designs out there, and also one of the most fun to play around with!

4. The business card of the future?…maybe. This is actually a “smart” ring that stores contact information, portfolios, and other type of important information that’s important to a client or employer. The information is transferred to another “smart” ring via handshake and is then downloaded to the “smart” card and stored there. Very cool idea, but the problem is that each person must have one of these rings on in order for this digital business card to be more than just a fashion statement.

5. A recent trend in business card design has been a switch from the traditional paper cards to various types of metal materials. It definitely give the business a very cool, smooth look. Check out these examples…


9. Gum anyone?…

10. Divorce lawyers have a sense of humor too. This one uses a condom-themed business card to give to his clients who are now back on the market.

11. This business card is a very cool design for a radio personality that is simply unique and different.

12. Here’s a metal business card that’s for a security company, and it depicts an assortment of lock picking tools – very creative!

13. For a lot of greenhouse, nursery, or other plant-related occupations, a growing trend in creative business card design is to have seeds implanted into the card itself. Talk about a “green” business card…Here’s some examples…


16. Probably the best business card design ever for the client to be able to locate a business…

17. This is the only type of business card in the world that you can actually workout with, although you shouldn’t expect to get into that great of shape with it (maybe your fingers will). This is a very cool design made out of the stretchy rubber material used in various types of fitness gadgets.

18. This no-doubt expensive business card is made out of a laser cut glowing plastic material. The business card looks awesome, but it be ridiculously expensive to hand these things out recklessly.

19. Here is an awesome design in the shape of a cassette tape. This is the type of card that will surely have a positive impact, and lasting impression, on the client or employer that you give it to.

20. For all of you superhero fans out there, why not get your business card designed around a superhero caricature rendition of yourself? The back of the card lists all of your “vital statistics” and contact information. This is truly a one-of-a-kind business card design that will set you apart from the competition, because you’re not just another employee in the field of your choice, you’re a superhero!

21. This may be the most unusual business card ever, not because it’s a unique design or is made out of some weird type of material, but because of what it says. Apparently, Enterprises, Un-Ltd can help you out with, well…just about anything you can imagine! Pretty bizarre!

22. This business card is for a restaurant in Paris called “Le Reflet, and it has apparently been a big hit in the new restaurant. People come in to the place just to get one of the famous business cards – now that’s good design.

23. This creative business card is for a hair and makeup artist, and it features real hairpins on the front of the card that represent hair – very unique.

24. If you need a manicure, just bring in this over-sized business card that is not only creative, but can also be functional.

25. There’s a variety of different business card designs that resemble tickets. It’s a really cool idea and really shows off creativity. Take a look at some good examples…


28. While this business card may be downright hard to look at, it’s an extremely effective advertising tool. You can rub your eyes now.

29. These business cards are very intricately assembled, and they look awesome. Great design idea!

30. This photographer chose to make his business card resemble a driver’s license. It looks great, and it’s the kind of business card that people hang onto instead of tossing it in the trash a day later.

31. This is a very unique business “card” from a yoga company called Flow. It’s actually not a traditional business card at all, rather, it resembles a miniature yoga mat rolled up. Very interesting design that is sure to get people talking about the company – very effective.

32. These business cards feature a beautiful stainless steel finish with engraved designs and lettering. There’s no doubt that these cards will leave a lasting impression with the customer, but they also cost a lot of money – each one goes for about $1.80USD per card!

33. Many businesses are turning to see-through business card designs. These business cards are very contemporary, innovative, and smooth looking. Check out these examples of transparent business cards…


38. What an unusual and creative business card design…

39. These business cards feature the companies seal of approval, literally. Each card is sealed with wax in the company’s own design.

40. So what can you do with the piles of business cards that you collect over a lifetime? You can create a Menger Sponge (a fractal curve in mathematics) of course! This 54” square structure consists of over 66,000 business cards, and it weighs about 70kg! Yeah it took 9 years to build, but look at all the trees that were saved by recycling these “used” business cards.

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  • User Gravatar gnomeza
    November 17th, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    I ought to point out that Mr Mitnick’s business card (not an original design btw, google Jeni Mattson) doesn’t *depict* a set of lock picks, it *is* a set of fully-usable lockpicks (well, minus the torque wrench)!

  • User Gravatar pinkograf
    February 8th, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Hi, thank you!
    Here is available another BIG collection of plastic business cards, with more of 600 pieces….

  • User Gravatar ArtsIn
    February 9th, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    Anyone know any websites where you can order interesting business cards? So far all I have is eco-cards and cards that have rounded edges and UV spots, where are the really interesting ones being made?? UK preferably!

    ArtsIN x

  • User Gravatar The Mad Hatter
    April 13th, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    I don’t think anything like #4 will catch on, heres why, with something like that you lose control of who you give your info to, things like that just constantly broadcast info. Now this is important when you realize that this makes it near impossible to nonchalantly brush someone off. Theres no “sorry I must be out” or “I forgot to pick some up as I left the office” with the rings the only way to avoid it would to be to not shake someones hand.

  • User Gravatar Overtly Creative
    April 6th, 2011 at 6:47 am

    Some nice examples – haven’t seen the first one before.

  • User Gravatar Evan Skuthorpe
    July 5th, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    some really great custom cut designs thanks.

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