Double Side Printing with Normal Printers

Double side printing is fast becoming a common feature among all laser printers today. It is a great help to save our fast dwindling forests. Not all printers print double sided, but there are tricks of the trade that could be applied to convert a non double-sider into one. Its ghetto but it works.

I am not introducing any scripts that would transform your printer into a double-sider but a small exercise that each one of us can do to help the cause of nature. Maybe some of you are practicing it already; maybe not.

1. Print all the even numbered pages first in reverse order

2. Insert the pages so that your printer would print on the blank side. I have faltered at it a few times. Better to test first before implementing on a huge document.

3. Now print all the odd pages in the document without reversing the order (standard order)

There is a reason behind printing even pages first. If your document has odd number of pages (Ex.51), the last page (51) need not be reinserted back in the tray. It will be quite confusing, so best to avoid.

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