Emergency Birthday Card

Dread the awkward moment when you realise it’s your friend’s/colleague’s birthday and you don’t have a card (never mind a present)? Well, now you do!

This week we’re very excited to bring you our ‘Emergency Birthday Card.’

Not only is the creative design much more appealing than those overpriced generic greetings cards you pick up down the road, the emergency card is also free to download and print.

Available in two designs, the cards should cover every eventuality, from appealing to your colleague’s inner kid to your 87 year-old nan who needs a more sophisticated choice.

So next time you get caught short, just pop to your printer and, hey presto, you will have that card in a matter of minutes.

Also, in case you missed last weeks post, we recommend printing our birthday calendar to help you keep up-to-date with everyone’s birthdays.

Now you really don’t have any excuses:

Note: You may wish to invest in some emergency envelopes.


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Erin works for the award winning PR agency Democracy, based in Manchester, where the team creates Cartridge Save's vibrant, productivity friendly blog posts.

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