Giant HP Printer Sizzler

HP LOGOI was under the impression that we are in the age of miniaturization. Maybe not!

Giant objects have drawn crowds for all the right and wrong reasons. Starting from the giant men from Japan to the giant pizzas, people have admired the audacity such creations. Giant Robot was a top draw when I was young. HP has a gigantic printer in its quiver which probably sends shivers down my spine. The HP Scitex TJ8300 weighs close to 3 tonnes which is heavier than a fully grown elephant.

The Scitex TJ8300 is an industrial printer which can print posters as big as 1.65m X 3.7m. It does a lot more; the object of this post is not to talk about the features on the printer but its massive size.


Look at the person standing next to the printer. That should give you an estimate of its enormous gigantic size.


This image has a PC mounted on the gigantico. Mobile printers mounted on PCs could have been a reality but vis-à-vis is scary.

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