HP Investing in the Indian Market

India, by most projections, is about to become the world’s third largest economy. The big players in the digital imaging and printing industry are paying attention, starting with HP.

The executive connection

A few telling details: Vyomesh Joshi, born and raised in Ahmedabad, India and educated in the USA at Ohio State University, is today the executive vice-president of HP’s imaging and printing group. This group accounts for about a fifth of the $126-billion company’s total sales, by far the largest single component of the business.

Speaking about his native country, Joshi says: “We see IT adoption growing rapidly. I see extraordinary opportunity in consumer, small and medium business, and enterprise.”

HP’s view of the future

He explains, “Take the imaging and printing business. The connect rate of PCs to printers is 10 to 1 in India; in the US it is 10 to 3-4. People here don’t tie printers to their needs. Once we have printers as a web appliance and we have compelling content, things will change.”

Asked about HP’s vision of the future and rumours about the imminent breakup of the company, Joshi had this to say: “Leo (HP CEO Leo Apotheker) is taking the company in the direction of cloud, connectivity and software . Look at the printing strategy, that’s also about cloud, connectivity and software . If you look at our parts and the overall business, and if you look at where the market is going, the value for the customer is more if we stay together.”

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