HP Launches Instant Printing on MySpace

HP has confirmed the speculation over its tie-up with MySpace, and the former will allow users to print photos directly from MySpace web page without the need to save it on a hard disk prior to printing. The printing giant has taken a giant leap in terms of reachability with this association, as there are over 130,000 million users on MySpace and cascaded benefits will reach HP in due time.

A print button has been installed on all MySpace webpages. Users can pretty much print anything of their choice – photos, comments, blogs from friends and non-friends. Users need to choose what they need to print with the cursor and hit print; as simple as it can get.

As per our estimates, the advantages are two-fold; disadvantages, we are yet to ascertain. Users can print what they want, it reduces the amount of unwanted prints that often result from PrintScreen function; thereby saving trees and valuable rainbow gold (ink). Seconly, users can save precious time and effort that’s required to print a photograph by storing it on a hard disk.

HP goes a step beyond in suggesting this – You can also use MySpace photos to create and print creative projects, like photo cubes of your friends and family for gifts or mementos of special events in your life.

The idea is nice, it helps users and more importantly, it helps our dwindling environment.

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