Make Your Christmas Pictures Come To Life With HP Live Photo

If you’ve used your mobile phone to capture all manner of exciting Christmas moments this year, the good news is the latest technology will allow you to print off these memories for safe keeping. Then, courtesy of HP’s Live Photo app, you can make them come to life! This technology has been dubbed “Augmented Reality” (in English: it improves pictures in a visually striking way) which allows the user to take a screen grab from their iPhone videos and make them suddenly burst in to motion. So, Live Photos are, simply put, printed pictures which transform into videos when viewed with your phone. This is the most intriguing element to the app – it remembers the video a picture has been taken from. So you can return to the picture in Live Photos, “hover your phone over the photo while in the app’s ‘View Tab'”, and the image will spark in to life! To see this in action have a look at the Live Photo App over on HP’s YouTube account.

The good news is it’s free to download, and even better is the software is reasonably easy to use. To make a Live Photo all you have to do is choose a video from your Camera Roll (or record one if you don’t have any yet), select an image you particularly like from the video, choose a template, then use AirPrint on your HP printer to get your picture. For a visual example of this you can visit HP’s Print-at-Home explanation page.

You can be as creative as you want with this by using themed templates to add quirky colours, text, and backgrounds to your pictures. You can also choose videos up to 45 seconds long, and print them off on to 4 inch x 6 inch and 5 inch x 7 inch photo size papers. It’s compatible with the iPhone® 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 on iOS 6.0, and the app also works on an iPad® in 2X view.

As mentioned above this software is free and it’s available from iTunes. Whilst it’s handy to print off those fantastic moments from Christmas, it should also prove a mighty handy app for 2014 and beyond. Give it a whirl so you can wow your kids with the latest technological wizardry! Your memories will also have an exciting new twist you can relive in years to come.

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