New Space-saving Printers from Panasonic

Panasonic KX-MB1520The rise in home offices means a changed market for office equipment, and Panasonic is paying attention.

Two new “fit anywhere” printers from Panasonic

Panasonic System Networks Company of America has introduced two trimmed-down new multifunction printers (MFPs). These, the KX-MB1500 and KX-MB1520, share a slimmed-and-trimmed form factor that reduces the space and volume needed for installation and operation by approximately 25 and 40 percent respectively.

Both new printers feature a reduced-size print engine, an inner paper-exit tray, front-panel access to consumables such as toner and paper, and a side-mounted power connector. Both machines weigh about twenty pounds and can be installed flat against a wall on a crowded desk or upon a shelf, bookcase, or file cabinet.

Fortune 500 features for home-based entrepreneurs

Why all the emphasis on size and weight? Good question.

Latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau tell a surprising tale: More than fourteen million Americans now operate a business from their homes, with about four and a half million of those households generating all of their income from that business.

Even more surprising, perhaps, is the fact that, again according to Census Bureau figures, the annual median family income of a home-based business owner is $17,000 higher than that of the general population working traditional jobs.

Bill Taylor, President, Panasonic System Networks Company of America, notes: “That is a huge, constantly growing market that deserves — and is demanding — office products designed for a business environment where the kitchen doubles as a conference room and the ‘printer stand’ might be one end of a shelf holding balls, bats and skates.”

Plenty of features

Both new models also feature Panasonic’s user-friendly four-mode, four-format scanning system. After positioning a document to be scanned on the platen, all the operator has to do is select Viewer, File, Email or OCR(5) on the unit’s control panel and start scanning. Once the scan is complete, the document will automatically open in the appropriate PC application. Both MFPs support scanning in TIFF, JPEG, PDF and BMP formats.

Using Panasonic’s proprietary Easy Print Utility, bundled with the machine, users sitting at their PCs can merge files created in different applications into a single print job, rearrange the order of pages, and reformat the whole document to print multiple pages (up to sixteen) on a single sheet of paper.

Exclusive features on the KX-MB1520 include: 33.6Kbps faxing via direct phone line connection, paperless fax sending and receiving via a USB-connected PC, fax/telephone switch, 100-entry phone book, and an integrated speaker phone for voice communications with fax recipients.

Panasonic’s suggested pricing for the two models is as follows: the KX-MB1500 is $124.95 US, the KX-MB1520 is $149.95 US.

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