New workhorse Samsung colour laser printer launched

Samsung CLP-775ND

At 33 pages per minute the Samsing CLP-775ND boasts impressive speed

Samsung Electronics has just unveiled a new A4 colour laser printer, the CLP-775ND. This machine is a vivid illustration of Samsung’s aim, which is to take over the high-volume, business colour printing market. This machine is a refinement and an update of earlier models, rather than new technology, and it is impressive.

Impressive specifications

The technical specifications – fast, dual-core 600MHz CPU, up to 9600dpi of resolution – are noteworthy but here’s the bottom line: This printer is quick. The company rates it at thirty-three A4-sized pages per minute, with the first copy emerging after a wait of only eleven seconds.

This machine also comes with its own Ethernet port, so it will plug straight into your office network. It is a full duplex printer as well, meaning it will print on both sides of the paper. The company also promotes its “anti-jam” technology, which it claims reduces paper jams by fifty per cent over earlier models, though exactly how it achieves this is not clear.

Costs over the life of the machine

Here’s where Samsung is tipping its hand, because the company has clearly been devoting a lot of its energy to life-cycle costs. This printer promises to be cheaper to operate than older comparable models. According to Samsung, it requires 22% less power than previous products (an average of 3.9KW/h on a weekly basis). It also uses less power when it sits in standby mode, which may be especially significant for small-to-medium businesses where the printer is not in constant use.

Samsung laser printers have proven themselves to be reliable in the past, and this one is certain to be a hit with business users who need to print colour in volume.

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