Office Friendly 3D Printer Launched : Projet SD3000

The age of economical 3D printers has finally set in. An office friendly 3D printer by 3D Systems was launched recently. Projet SD3000 is a high definition office printer meant for professional in-office model making by design and manufacturing businesses of all sizes.

The printer utilizes the company’s Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology and the manufacturer claims to provide high-quality parts with exceptionally smooth surfaces and small feature detail, suitable for concept development, design verification, form-fit testing and product presentations.

The technology ensures that the process of model making is absolutely hands-free and offers easy handling of delicate structures.

SD 3000 System is built with a single-pass print head design and is claimed to deliver fast production speed for models of all sizes.

The printer can be used for various applications that include consumer products, designer packaging, electronic components, medical devices and study models, and apparel accessories.

CEO of 3D Systems states – “As a leading provider of high-quality office and desktop 3D printers, we are excited to bring to market the third 3D printer that we have introduced this year based on our proprietary jetting technology. This new, affordable 3D printer is designed to enable more designers, engineers and architects to cost-effectively convert their CAD designs into physical 3D models and benefit from high-definition additive fabricating capabilities directly in their offices.”

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