Office Staff Get Revenge On Their Printers!

A film with people in lab coats and goggles, smashing office printers with axes and sledges?

Relax; it’s the new commercial for Bytes Document Solutions.

Darren Spence, managing director of the company, explains it all: “If you ask the average office worker or IT professional what they think of their printer, they’ll tell you that on many occasions they have wanted to smash it up.”

And that’s what happens. The ad was shot at a secret location on a derelict farm in Surrey, and uses Reservoir Dogs-style camera shots. A total of eight production-quality HD cameras and one slow-motion camera were used to capture the footage, and the film ends with a paint fight, fireworks and a printer falling from the sky.

Spence goes on: “People just want their printer to work but the devices have a habit of breaking down at the most inconvenient time, such as just before a document deadline or concurrently when every other printer in the building decides to stop working.

“Our managed print service fixes these frustrations so we felt a film featuring some of our people smashing printers to pieces with axes and sledgehammers was apt and long overdue.

“We felt it our duty to take on the burden of corporate plc and every frustrated office worker in the country and fight back. No longer should the office printer control our lives. It was payback time – it was time to settle the score by taking a few outside and smashing them to smithereens with a variety of heavy-duty tools.”

It’s all part of a campaign. More information is available on the web site,

Word is, it wasn’t only the printers that took a beating; two cameras were smashed to bits, and the paint fight damaged two more.

The service launches on the 13th of April.

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