Offices Need to Act Against Unclaimed Prints

It is a common sight in all the offices seeing unclaimed prints lying haplessly on or around shared printers. At my office as well, I have come across salary slips, bank statements, medical insurance cards, personal mails and many more. It is appalling that such prints are allowed to sit unclaimed while the management does nothing but to sit and watch. Maybe they should integrate printers with a personal detection system as I had suggested earlier.

Companies often don’t realise that they could be infringing the laws of data privacy by not resorting to discouraging employees from not picking up the prints.

A survey was conducted by IDC for Canon and the results were far from surprising.

40% of employees don’t mind picking up confidential data from printers and read through it.

Personal details always rake up curiosity. It is evident with 72% employees claiming that they do pick up personal mails. A paltry 18% have come across sensitive personal information like mobile number, salary details, medical information etc.

It is no secret that office printers serve you while job hunting. Numerous CVs get printed and most are careless about picking them up after sending print commands. Around 70% have come across CVs and 10% have seen job applications printed on shared office printers.

The list can go on with the number of questions posed. Firms better take necessary action before heavy penalties are imposed upon them. Also, clients will move out and thereby a dip in their share value.

Matt Marshall, research director at IDC, says: “Our findings appear to be shocking, especially in terms of today’s compliance-driven business environment.

“Many companies could unknowingly be breaking legislation and commercial agreements in terms of sensitive client and employee data such as company financials and personal information.

“It is important that UK businesses and their staff take these findings on board and focus on solving the problem.”

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