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Printing-1The age of placing post card sized photographs has gone for a toss and the age of photo books has taken over. The origin of photo books started in Japan which was a magazine like book with pictures of Japanese idols.

Photo books can be stored in digital format and can be viewed just like any other photo album. These books can be created from the pictures taken from your digital camera at the comfort of your homes.

Printing-1 provides the software to create photo books at home and to share it online with friends and family. Printing-1 has raised the range of sizes by introducing the Maxi format which spreads over double pages giving the poster effect. Maxi format has a dimension of 30cms X 30cms.

According to Printing-1 during the photobook software development special emphasis was laid on flexibility and user comfort. Images can be scaled and positioned freely. The page numbering style can be turned on or off for each individual page. Instead of a limiting automatic layout assistant the application provides templates to position images precisely and easily. Printing-1 also offers silk matt and glossy paper and its software allows switching between different types of binding and book formats at any time during the design process.

Printing-1 delivers photo books to UK and many other European countries. It has a turn around time of 2 weeks. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. By the way, the software is free to download. The concept of a photo book will one day replace photo sharing websites like Flickr and is the future of photo industry.

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