Power Wastage with Laser Printers

In all my previous posts, I have been concentrating on the printing costs associated with the ink cartridges and toners. It never occurred to me that the printers that I reviewed are consuming power which was never measured nor discussed. A survey conducted by Dell on power consumption by laser printers inspired me to write this post which should be a cost reduction initiative for all companies around the globe.

Dell LogoLaser printers are not efficient economically when lightly used. Hence when a laser printer is used as a personal printer as opposed to a network printer, it consumes an awful amount of power and thereby raising the power bills. Dell claims that personal laser printers cost £50 per year in power costs alone and £3 for a networked laser printer.

“There are thousands of personal printers out there, because IT staff feel people need them,” said Stephen Burt, Dell’s European imaging business manager. Around 40 percent of these in business are personal laser printers, he said which are power-hogs: “The power costs are much greater than the toner costs.”

This survey by Dell should be an eye opener for many companies and hopefully should work in favour of reducing the cost for companies and more importantly, reduce the power consumption.

via Techworld

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