Printers Pose Security Threats

Who would have thought that network printers could have been the source of network hacks? Well, Lexmark’s regional product general manager feels that an insecure printer on a network is a gaping loophole on any secured network. He feared that hackers could gain access over the entire network through devices that print.

He also threw caution in the wind for companies to pro-actively fight security threats than to react after a hacker attack. He also claimed that Lexmark printers have been integrated with additional levels of security that should keep the network secure up to a certain extent.

According to Tran, Lexmark polled 71 delegates — including senior IT decision makers — who attended the Governmentware 2006 conference held in Singapore in November last year, and found out that 87 percent of the respondents rated document and print security as “important” to their organisations.

At a Black Hat security conference held in Las Vegas last year, a security expert warned that printers are a weak link in an organisation’s network security.

A security expert from the United States has claimed that he was able to get access over an entire network by exploiting a weakness in the Xerox Docuprint printer. He got full access to the system and was able to map the internal network architecture.

It looks like the IT security teams across all organisations would be working their eyes off over the next few quarters to secure devices such as printers, scanners etc. Pro-active effort is the new mantra of modern security system.

via ZD Net

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