Public Domain Books on Google can now be Printed

Google BooksGoogle has entered into a partnership with On Demand Books to allow custom printing of public domain books through Espresso Printing Machines (EPM). A select number of bookstores around the world have been handpicked to carry these machines and readers can demand for any of the 2 million books to be printed in a book format with the original cover, at a reasonable price.

Public domain books are typically older books that have fallen out of any kind of legal wrangle (copyright). It is available in digital format on Google Books and users can currently download it in PDF format.

Google was instrumental in getting these ancient books digitized. They followed the arduous road of physically scanning old books from various libraries and making them available.

On Demand Books is a firm that specializes in EPMs that will print out digitized media into custom books at the snap of a finger. Watch the video below to understand more about EPMs.

Around 90 book stores around the globe have been identified to carry the pilot mantle. The closest one home is in London; Blackwell Bookshop.

The EPM costs around £50,000 and costs the bookstore around £2-£3 to print a book. The agreement signed wants to ensure that the cost of any book in particular should not overshoot £5. EPMs take around 4 minutes to print a book including cover in colour and the printer is capable of churning out 60,000 books a year.

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