Reptile Causes Printer Jam

Printer jams are an inherent unpopular feature of all printers. These jams could be caused due to various reasons ranging from the mal-design of the printer to the composition of the paper itself. Well, a man in Australia discovered yet another reason for the paper jam and the source was neither the printer nor the paper; to his horror, it was a snake!

Denis Mathews from New South Wales faced a paper jam early in the morning and to investigate, he opened up the machine, only to find a metre long brown tree snake curled up inside.

“When I used a long pointer to encourage the snake to move, it reluctantly came out through the front, under the monitor screen and round the back of the computer case,” Denis said.

He surely must have been scared to death seeing the crawler curled up in the most inappropriate place, but he braved to remove the snake from the printer, it escaped from his clutches and is assumed to be still hiding somewhere in his computer room.

I assume that the snake was not a big one, breadth-wise. I don’t believe that the open space in printers provided for the movement of paper is too broad for a big snake to creep in. On the contrary, printer manufacturers must think of innovative ways of preventing animals from getting inside printers, like a snake guard with a meshed grilling that can be used when the machine is turned off.

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