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Last month I had written about Kodak’s business strategy of cheap prints. Robin Raskin, a Yahoo! Tech advisor has reviewed the Kodak line of printers in terms of quality, efficiency and cost per print(cpp).

Kodak PrinterJust to refresh your memory, here’s Kodak claim: £0.07 for a colour 4 X 6 photo which is 50% cheaper than other popular printers. The technology behind the cheap prints is attributed to efficient print heads and a new ink technology which consumes less printer ink.

Robin used a Kodak 5300 for a few days and here are her initial thoughts: I’m convinced that it’s a nice printer that will save the average consumer money over the long haul. The Kodak All-in-One series handles plain text, color graphics, and lab quality photo prints all with nice results. It’s also a scanner and a color copier.

The Kodak 5300 was easy to install using the CDs provided. It works better with a total Kodak package which includes bar coded Kodak photo paper and a Kodak digital camera along with their software. The process of printing photographs was seamless and the integration of online Easy Share software was great.

Here are her closing thoughts: I like the Kodak system a lot, and think it’s especially good for those who need a helping hand while printing. I haven’t tried to run hundreds of photos yet, so I can’t tell you whether or not the Kodak All-in-One solution saves you as much money on inks as it claims. I can tell you that my prints have been lovely (glossy photo paper), my text sharp and clean. Printing graphics, scanning, and copying work well, too. This is far from a speed demon and the “big” software makes it slow going. But I think you’ll love the results.

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