Share Your Printer on the Internet with PrinterShare

Users have often shared files, disk space, and desktops among other useful information. But, a new concept has emerged through PrinterShare application where users can share their printers on the internet.

What purpose does it serve? Users can easily exchange hard copies of photos, documents or any other document online without the risk of divulging the digital copy. The concept is similar to a fax machine; internet is used here as the medium instead of a telephone line.

Users are required to download the console and register on their website. Printers attached to a particular computer can be shared through the console. Other PrinterShare users can find your printer using your unique username and can print directly from their systems. Optionally, printers can be pass phrase locked.

The application and registration are absolutely free. But, there is a catch. Along with the required print out, an additional page with an advertisement is also butted out. A premium subscription worth around £10/month will do away with the advertisements. Process and concept are neat and the way users are heckled is also well thought of.

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Abhinav has been blogging about printing and related technologies on CreativeCloud for several years. He is also a project manager for a large technology company.

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