Sony Applies for a Touch Screen Printer Patent

Printers with touchscreen LCDs are nothing new; we have seen plenty of them come and go. But, Sony has applied for a patent that is a possible combination of a Microsoft Surface kind of a technology with an integrated printer. The application is pending with the US patent office and it claims to be an – Image forming device, having an ejection tray, and a display is mounted to a cover.

The patent was applied in September last year, but the news became public earlier this week. A couple of images associated with the patent makes us believe that the idea could have been inherited by the giant, Microsoft.

The plot behind Sony’s patent request is interesting – it’s a table top touchscreen device that interacts wirelessly with input devices such as a digital camera. Images are downloaded onto the device and can be edited like cropping, changing colours, super imposing amongst many other features. A portion of this device is a printer that prints the photograph upon receiving the appropriate command. The printer could be either thermal or inkjet based as the possibility of laser technology integration is remote.

The technology behind the table top touchscreen device and its features sounds very much like Microsoft Surface. We are not sure why Sony is trying to own a patent for a product that has been active in the market. Probably Sony hopes to make this device reach a common consumer unlike its Microsoft predecessor. But, in reality, most patents don’t end up as products and we hope that Sony reverses the trend with this.

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