Squirrels, Squids or Snakes

This is the concluding part of the sequel which had two previous posts. This is by far the most interesting of all three as it doesn’t involve any percentages. I promise you that there will be some guilty readers when the crux of this post is revealed.

Flashback: I had talked about a survey conducted by Kodak to find home printing patterns. The outcome was more or less on the expected lines as many home printer users refrained from printing a lot owing to ink prices. But, instead they worked around to print personal documents at work.

Here is a dose of psychology by Dr.Will who categorizes home printer owners into three categories; squirrels, squids or snakes. Based on his psychology expertise and results from the survey, these ink types are characterized by the following:
— Squirrels: Conscientiously concerned about conserving ink
— Squids: Not concerned about wasting ink; strong likelihood to print whatever, whenever
— Snakes: Printing personal documents away from home or having others print for them

What are you?

I am sure there are lots of snakes who are quietly but attentively keeping a watch on the office printer, waiting for the printer noise to stop so they can send in their print commands. At the same time, hoping that the squids and snakes would evolve into squirrels someday. If you love our environment, print less and print only the essentials.

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