Toner Cartridge Suit against Samsung

For News in Print readers, the post regarding a Brother printer toner cartridge that was diagnosed as empty by the printer and yet, went on to print plenty of prints after a little tweak, may be still fresh. Staying on the same subject, a consumer law firm in the US has taken Samsung to court on similar grounds.

The suitor claims that Samsung designs its printers to falsely flash an empty cartridge message and ask users to replace the cartridge. The suit alleges that flashing false diagnostic messages even when there is a significant amount of toner left in the cartridge, enables manufacturers to make money by forcing consumers to purchase unneeded additional ink cartridges.

The suit also alleges that Samsung should have informed users that that a significant amount of toner is leftover when the printer flashes such messages.

“We’re simply asking Samsung to be straight with its customers,” says the suitor. “It’s disappointing that it’s taking a judge and a jury to make them do the right thing.”

Analysing the suit, there may be one more count which is being left out of the suit. Printer manufacturers can also be sued for their anti-green initiatives for filling landfills with toxic inks. Either way, they are getting what they truly deserve.

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