Top 10 Top Ten Ways To Save Money On Printers And Printing

I have picked up the following points from and have added my comments which are certainly much more valuable than the points itself :).

1) Buy a refurbished printer or scanner.
I would rather buy a refurbished product than a new one. Firstly I save money and most importantly it has been inspected thoroughly which I learnt during my tenure at Dell.

2) Buy a low-cost laser for text printing.
If the user plans on printing a lot of text, a low-cost laser printer would be invaluable. Getting hold of a cheap laser printer is not possible in some geographies in the Eastern world.

3) Find a free printer.
Many brands offer free printers when you buy a new computer. I have personally seen almost all the big brands give away MFPs along with desktops that cost less.

4) Save paper by tweaking your documents.
Let’s try to avoid printing emails and other documents if they are not absolutely necessary. We can do our bit for our environment as well by consuming less paper.

5) Don’t print out Web pages that you don’t need.
Same as last point.

6) Pay attention to ink consumption.
I would probably sulk whenever I see my ink monitor in the taskbar. Cartridges these days are so expensive that it be termed as the new liquid gold.

7) Control the process of print-head cleaning.
Use this functionality sparingly. Print head cleaning is absolutely necessary and at the same time, it consumes ink. It’s a lose-lose situation.

8) Try third-party cartridges.
My vote is on third party cartridges. But, with the diminishing prices of Kodak cartridges, you would be better off with a branded cartridge.

9) Extend the life of your toner cartridge.
Keep a spare toner cartridge by your side but do not replace it until you start seeing distorted printouts. Indicator on laser printers could be misleading some times.

10) Be ready to return your printer or scanner if it doesn’t work properly.
I guess we all do it. We don’t need somebody advise us to do so.

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Abhinav has been blogging about printing and related technologies on CreativeCloud for several years. He is also a project manager for a large technology company.

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  • User Gravatar Kid de Winter
    September 19th, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    Tell your print programme to show you a PRINT PREVIEW before it actually prints. This way, you can remove the pages you don’t need before you print. Especially useful if you print from the internet where you always get a lot more pages than you want. But also for that last page with just 1 or 2 lines on it. Print preview enables you to cancel your print, adjust the document and then print it.

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