Typeface from Venetian Blinds

There is absolutely no dead end to creativity that flows out of (some) people, and Andrew Byrom has proved us right yet again. This time around, we have a whole new typeface that is inspired and developed from Venetian blinds.


Andrew took considerable amount of time to study the angles and the symmetric properties of the blinds to construct the entire typeset using plain blinds.


The prototype font is stylish, outlandish and something very different to what we have seen so far. If you try printing them, you might just run out of printer ink cartridges heh! He has designed them in three weights; Closed, Regular and Open, and is not out commercially yet.

You would be happy to hear that Andrew is from Liverpool and studied at the Cumbria Institute of Art and Design. But, his profession has taken him to California State University Long Beach in Los Angeles, where he serves as Associate Professor and Graphic Design Area Head.

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