Video: 3D Printer at Work

3D printers are the latest gung-ho in the printer market today. People are getting more and more inquisitive about the product and at this time, there seems to be more questions than answers. Dimension Printing has a few 3D printers lined up for commercial use. They are being displayed at all the Umbra Concept Stores. A designer at Umbra, Michelle Pietrantonio, provides us an overview about the Dimension BST 1200 3D printer.

We all know that 3D printers can create objects, any shape of a reasonable size. It takes quite a few hours to prepare some small models; bigger ones take days. But here are some questions that I have compiled based on my reader’s inputs:

1. How strong are the objects created in 3D printer? How are reinforcements provided?
2. Are they toxic?
3. What are the different chemical compositions of a 3D model?
4. Does 3D printing affect our environment?
5. Can we obtain a finished product that is painted or polished?

The designer from Umbra predicts that it might take years for it to be a common gadget at homes, but, honestly, I don’t think it has a future for the common man. Printers became popular as everybody had a need to print. But, not everybody would like to create objects on a regular basis. People in the architecture, civil, design and related industries might be the ones to possess one. As of now, it costs around £10,000. But, hey, dot matrix printers used to cost a fortune a few decades back.

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