The 50 Most Stunning Wall Murals From Around The World


The painting of murals is often thought to be a modern, urban phenomenon, but, in fact, it’s nothing of the sort. People have been painting murals for millennia and some ancient murals, preserved in tombs in Egypt and under piles of ash in Pompeii, are still visible today.

At Cartridge Save we love discovering art in all its different forms. Below, you’ll find images of some of the most incredible murals the world has to offer. Most are hand-painted, with ordinary or spray paint, while some have been printed onto plastic or paper and “stuck” onto the wall.

While the painting of murals is often contentious (one man’s masterpiece is another’s act of vandalism), we’re sure people wouldn’t object to having most of these fantastic works of art on display in their towns and cities.

1. Lloydminster, Canada

Image: Lewis Lavoie

2. New York, USA


3. Minneapolis, USA

Image: Jason Taellius

4. New York, USA

Image: Whiskeygonebad

5. London, UK

Image: Iridiscenti

6. New York, USA

Image: Caruba

7. Montreal, Canada

Image: Peru Dyer

8. Unknown

Image: Boohaven

9. London, UK

Image: The Greenwich Phantom

10. The Hague, Holland

Image: FaceMePLS

11. Memphis, USA

Image: Thomas R Machnitzki

12. Berlin, Germany













Image: The Scenic Sidewalk

13. Florida, USA

Image: Dunedin Daily Photo

14. Concepción, Chile

Image: Farisori

15. Toronto, Canada

Image: Bill Smith

16. Toronto, Canada

Image: Bill Wrigley

17. Detroit, USA

Image: ashleystreet

18. Berlin, Germany


















Image: V1 Gallery

19. Paris, France

Image: Paul Festa

20. Ohio, USA

Image: Eric Grohe

21. Ohio, USA

Image: Eric Grohe

22. Honolulu, Hawaii








Image: John Pugh

23. California, USA

Image: John Pugh

24. Sarasota, Florida

Image: John Pugh

25. Toronto, Canada

Image: Bill Wrigley

26. Barcelona, Spain


















Image: Guillem Cebollada / Jordi Casanovas

27. Barcelona, Spain

Image: Jordi Funollet

28. Atlantic City, USA













Image: iirraa

29. Berlin, Germany



















30. Quebec, Canada

Image: Dave Test

31. Pyongyang, North Korea

Image: Gilad Rom

32. Oslo, Norway

Image: Mahlum

33. Milan, Italy

Image: Torredibabele

34. Iowa, USA

Image: Ashton B Crew

35. Mexico City, Mexico

Image: Wolfgang Sauber

36. Mexico City, Mexico

Image: Wolfgang Sauber

37. Montreal, Canada

Image: SlamXHype

38. San Francisco, USA

Image: unknown

39. Oakland, USA

Image: Bay Hip Hop

40. Spain

Image: I Smell Paint

41. California, USA

Image: Recentering El Pueblo

42. Oakland, USA

Image: Destination Oakland

43. California, USA

Image: funkandjazz

44. California, USA

Image: View From a Loft

45. California, USA

Image: Viator

46. Indiana, USA

Image: Derek Jensen

47. Mexico City, Mexico

Image: Aceofhearts 1968

48. Swindon, UK

Image: Brian Robert Marshall

49. Iowa, USA

Image: Ashton B Crew

50. Oakland, USA

Image: Oakland Living