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Black toner cartridges for the Philips LaserFax MFD6020 printer

Compatible High Capacity Black Philips PFA822 Toner Cartridge - (PFA-822)
  • High capacity black toner cartridge
  • Premium brand recycled toner cartridge

    Made using recycled Philips cartridges, this cartridge is a direct replacement for the Philips version. Manufactured to strict quality standards, our premium cartridges produce high quality prints and are very reliable — in fact, we use them in our offices and recommend them to friends, family and other businesses.

  • 12 month guarantee and FREE returns

    If within a year of purchase you happen to experience any quality problem, we'll happily provide a replacement, or a full refund.

    Whatever the reason for returning items to, you will never pay a penny for postage.

  • Won't invalidate your printer warranty

    We guarantee that your standard printer warranty will not be invalidated by using our premium brand cartridges. If any of our cartridges do cause a problem with your printer, we'll arrange for your printer to be repaired (or replaced if it can't be repaired).

Best value Premium

0.7p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

5,500 pages
1 £40.06 (£48.07 inc VAT)
2 £37.04 (£44.45 inc VAT)
3+ £35.66 (£42.79 inc VAT)
Prices includes FREE next-day delivery

Best value Premium

0.7p per page

For most cartridges this is based on 5% coverage on A4 paper. These numbers are based on manufacturer quoted values and are for comparison purposes only.

5,500 pages
£40.06 (£48.07 inc VAT)

FREE next-day delivery

Multi-buy discount
2 £37.04 (£44.45 inc VAT)
3+ £35.66 (£42.79 inc VAT)

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Could you tell me where I have to insert the toner card. I can't find any space to put in this card?

    Philips MFD6020 toner installation

    Instructions on how to insert the smart card provided with a new Philips MFD6020 toner cartridge can be found in the user manual. Please go to the 'Maintenance' section on page 45 of the attached document:

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - over 6 years ago
  • I have a Philips MFD6020 printer. Which type of toner cartridge can I use? Is it PFA822 or PFA821 or can I use both? Thanks.

    Toner for Philips LaserFax MFD6020

    The Philips LaserFax MFD6020 requires a single black toner cartridge and there are three to choose from as listed above (PFA-818, PFA-821 or PFA-822). The only difference between these cartridges is the capacities.

    Answered by Nichola Ansbro (Staff Member) - over 6 years ago
  • What is a toner card for the Philips MFD6020 fax printer?

    Philips smart cards

    Philips LaserFax MFD6020 toner cartridges do not have a chip attached and are supplied with a separate smart card / toner card which acts as the cartridge chip. The chip tells your printer that a cartridge is installed and how much toner is remaining in the cartridge.

    Answered by Paul Miller (Staff Member) - about 6 years ago
  • Our printer is a LaserMFD6020 printer and scanner, not a fax machine. Would this be the correct toner for our printer?

    Philips MFD6020 toner compatibility

    Yes, this is almost certainly the same model. We would recommend that you check the toner code of the cartridge that you currently have installed in the machine to ensure that this matches one of the toner codes listed on our website before placing an order. The Philips MFD6020 printer can use any of the following cartridges:

    PFA-822 - Extra High Capacity

    PFA-821 - High Capacity

    PFA-818 - Standard Capacity

    Please contact a member of our freephone support team should you require any further assistance ordering the correct items for your printer.

    Answered by Paul Miller (Staff Member) - almost 6 years ago
  • Do you sell colour cartridges for a printer LFF6020/EU?

    Philips MFD6020 cartridges

    Unfortunately, we don't list the model LFF6020/EU on our website. However, it appears that this could be another name for the Philips MFD6020 LaserFax printer listed at this page. If this is the case then you wouldn't be able to purchase a colour cartridge The Philips MFD6020 is a mono laser fax which means that it can only use the range of black toner cartridges listed on this page.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - over 5 years ago
  • Where can I buy a toner card for a Philips laser MFD 6020 printer? Thank you.

    Toner card for Philips MFD6020 fax

    The toner card usually comes in the box when you buy a new Philips LaserFax MFD6020 printer cartridge. If you've lost the toner card that came with your existing cartridge we would advise you to speak to Philips as we don't sell them separately.

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - almost 5 years ago
  • When I change the Philips MFD6020 cartridge, do I need to change the toner card as well?

    Philips laser MFD6020 toner card

    Yes, the toner card should activate your Philips LaserFax MFD6020 cartridge and should be provided in the box with the new toner cartridge. It will need to be changed at the same time.

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
  • Your site indicates that a refurbished toner cartridge is to be available shortly for the Philips MDF6020 laser fax. Do you have a date for this as the status appears to be unchanged since the last time I checked?

    Cheaper Philips MFD6020 toner cartridge

    Our compatible Philips PFA-822 black toner cartridge is now in stock for the Philips LaserFax MFD6020 so you can order online or by calling a member of our team.

    Answered by Natalie Eaton (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
  • Please can you tell me where the toner card is located?

    Philips LaserFax 6020 toner card

    The toner card should be included in the box with your new Philips MFD6020 toner cartridge, it's called a Plug 'n' Print card.

    If you need instructions on how to install the cartridge or use the toner card please refer to your Philips LaserFax MFD6020 printer manual or contact Philips for technical support.

    Answered by Tamara Sawyer (Staff Member) - over 4 years ago
  • Hi, can you please tell me if the cheaper compatible extra high capacity black PFA-822 toner cartridge comes with a toner card as you have to insert the card into the printer before it will accept the new toner?

    Toner card for compatible Philips MFD6020 cartridge

    Yes, the toner card will be inside the box with your compatible Philips PFA-822 toner cartridge, labelled as a Plug and Print card.

    Answered by Natalie Eaton (Staff Member) - almost 4 years ago
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Philips LaserFax MFD6020 Printer Review

Expert review of the Philips LaserFax MFD6020 printer

Our Verdict:

The Philips LaserFax MFD6020 combines several important devices into a single, affordable and easy-to-use machine. As a monochrome laser printer, it provides 20 pages per minute at 600 x 600 dpi. And as a scanner and a copier, it provides a 4,800 x 4,800 dpi resolution at a rate of 20 pages per minute as well. The MFD6020 also includes a USB 2.0 interface, a USB WLAN adapter, an Ethernet adapter and an optional Bluetooth wireless dongle. It provides OCR scanning via software, which you must run on a PC. Consumers should note that despite that LaserFax name, fax and PC-fax features are not present on this unit. They are, however, available on the 6050 and 6090 machines.


The Philips MFD6020 uses a mushroom-style design and a two-tone colour scheme: antique white and medium grey. It includes all round corners except at the base. Rather than make it a square, Philips has opted for a rectangle, and due to keyboard positioning, they force you to situate it the long way. This is not a major issue for those who have ample space, but the design does cause the MFD6020 to use more space than it needs to. You can load paper via the tray at the bottom or through the automatic feeder up top. The control panel has a large, easy-to-read LCD display and convenient button placement.


The Philips MFD6020 is not a particularly fast printer but it is consistent in a way that most printers in this class are not. It also offers copy and scan quality and a host of features that are surprising at this price point. Thanks to the energy-managing Eco mode, the printer can conserve its Philips MFD6020 toner remarkably well, and since we price the Philips MFD6020 toner cartridges reasonably to begin with, this makes the machine extremely effective in terms of cost-per-page. It also supports direct print and direct scan from USB drive, which are incredibly useful features to have these days.


The Philips MFD6020 is a tad slow, but it is a bit of a tortoise-and-the-hare scenario since most competitors do not deliver the same quality and feature set. As mentioned in the design section, the mushroom top and control panel placement are odd and they cause the unit to take up much more space than is necessary. Another issue is the lack of fax and PC-fax, which really should be included.