Entry 1 – Sharon

Sharon Telford, 59, Lancaster
Lockdown visit to new granddaughter.



Entry 2 – Carol Ann

Carol Ann Langford, 55, Albrighton
Doorstep photography.


Entry 3 – Andrew

Andrew Finch, 54, Shrewsbury
Timer captures lockdown bubble celebrating 18th birthday.


Entry 4 – Michael

Michael Richardson, 62, Market Drayton
Maintaining social distance.


Entry 5 – Jacqui

Jacqui Ruddock, 61, Ashbourne
A new baby is always a special event but a lockdown baby is bittersweet. A window to the world has a whole new meaning for families.


Entry 6 – Clive

Clive Thompson, 55, Ascot
Honestly we are still smiling.


Entry 7 – Laura

Laura McIntosh, 59, Kinghorn
Shielding Sea Sew.



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