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We stock HP, Brother and Samsung toners, among others, all at extremely low prices. To save time, our simple-to-use account system allows you to buy products with a few clicks and store favourites so you can reorder replacement products even faster.

What is printer toner?

Printer toner is electrically charged powdered ink that forms the image via a laser beam, hence the name laser printers.

Can a toner cartridge be refilled?

It is possible to refill a toner by drilling a hole in it, then pouring toner powder into it. However, this is not recommended. It’s a messy job and you may end up inhaling harmful dust given off by the toner powder. The best advice is to buy a professionally refilled and refurbished toner cartridge. These are often referred to as compatible toner cartridges and a cost saving alternative to the original manufacturer’s cartridges.

How do toner cartridges work?

Toner cartridges work by the printer “grabbing” the toner powder from the cartridge. You can find a more detailed explanation here.

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