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We work with a range of charities that specialise in getting the printed word into schools in deprived areas. We fundraise on their behalf so that we can donate books for charity to ensure children getting the best start in their academic life.


Books For Schools with Book Trust: our lead charity partner


It is the largest reading charity in the UK, established to achieve one clear objective: to transform lives by getting children and families reading.

Children who enjoy reading are likely to do better at school, as well as be more emotionally, culturally and socially prepared for life. In fact, research has proven that reading for pleasure is more important for a child’s educational success than their family’s social or financial status.

But books are expensive, and can be pushed down the list when other priorities such as food and rent need to take priority.

So with Book Trust we distributes books to primary schools up and down the UK. Each month we provide books to needy schools through a monthly £1,000 donation.

Because of that we are able to inspire a love of reading which dramatically influences a child’s educational outcomes, well-being and social mobility.

Here’s how our work with Book Trust has helped make a difference:

  • 85% of hard-to-reach parents feel more confident about reading
  • 31% of hard-to-reach parents joined the library for their child for the first time and 17% undertook a course at their children’s centre
  • Children improved their reading age by 14 months
  • Over 80% of teachers say reading, writing, speaking and listening improves among four- to six-year-olds


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