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Black toner cartridges for the HP LaserJet Pro P1102 printer

£69.27 (£83.12 inc VAT)

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2 £67.10 (£80.52 inc VAT)
3+ £66.12 (£79.35 inc VAT)
Genuine HP 85A
  • Pack of 2 black toner cartridges
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2.2p per page

Price per page

This figure is based on manufacturer quoted values and is for comparison purposes only.

It is derived from testing using the international ISO standard for printing (ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712). For most cartridges this means 5% coverage printed onto plain A4 paper.

1,600 pages x 2

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Do you offer refilling cartridge services for the HP LaserJet Pro P1102?

    Refilling LaserJet Pro P1102 cartridges

    Unfortunately, we do not refill cartridges. We're a supplier of refilled and reconditioned items but we cannot provide cartridge refilling services.

    Answered by Nichola Ansbro (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
  • How many black and white copies can we expect to get from the LaserJet Pro P1102 cartridge ie. how much would it cost-per-page?

    HP P1102 cost-per-page

    The capacity of the black HP 85A toner for the LaserJet Pro P1102 is 1,600 pages @ 5% coverage. You can see the current price quoted in 'pence-per-page' next to the price of the item. Please see above.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
  • Hi, I have a HP LaserJet Pro P1102 which we use heavily and we seem to be using a lot of expensive cartridges from our local supplier. I found your webshop and your prices look good. Can you re-confirm cartridge prices (genuine not re-cycled) for the LaserJet Pro P1102? I need the biggest cartridge available please.

    Cheap pricing on LaserJet Pro P1102 toner

    Our prices on HP LaserJet Pro P1102 toner are very competitive. We currently stock the genuine HP 85A toner and a dual pack of genuine HP 85A toner cartridges for your printer. To view the current price of these items please see:

    Original black HP 85A toner cartridge (CE285A): http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk/CE285A.html

    Original black HP 85A toner twin pack (CE285AD): http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk/CE285AD.html

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • I have a HP LaserJet P1102 printer. Please tell me how many pages I can print with the HP P1102 printer cartridge?

    HP LaserJet Pro P1102 cartridge yield

    The black HP 85A toner cartridge (genuine or compatible) for the HP LaserJet Pro P1102 can print approximately 1,600 pages at 5% coverage. We also have a twin pack of HP 85A toner cartridges so you'll get double this amount if you opt for the twin pack.

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • i want to know if there is a coloured HP LaserJet Pro printer (P1102)?

    HP LaserJet Pro P1102 printer type

    There are colour HP LaserJet printers available. However, the HP LaserJet Pro P1102 is a mono laser printer so it can only print in black and white.

    Answered by Paul Miller (Staff Member) - almost 3 years ago
  • Can I use colour cartridges in the HP LaserJet P1102. It only came with a black and white cartridge?

    LaserJet Pro P1102 toner type

    The HP LaserJet Pro P1102 is a monochrome laser printer and can only use black HP 85A toner cartridges (as listed above).

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • How do I know if my printer HP LaserJet P1102 needs a cartridge or a toner? What's the difference? Is LaserJet P1102 and Laserjet Pro P1102 the same item? Thanks, Marie.

    HP LaserJet P1102 printer cartridge

    The term toner and cartridge refer to the same thing. We sell two main types of cartridges, ink cartridges or toner cartridges. If you have a LaserJet printer you'll need to buy a toner cartridge. This page lists the toner cartrigdes that work in the HP LaserJet Pro P1102 printer which is the full name of the printer. LaserJet P1102 is a shortened name for the same printer.

    Answered by Natalie Eaton (Staff Member) - about 2 years ago
  • I've refilled the cartridge of my HP LaserJet P1102 but the print is still dim and it's still giving a warning about "low cartridge". What's the solution?

    Refiiled HP P1102 cartridge not working

    In this instance, we believe that the solution would be to purchase a new cartridge for your HP LaserJet Pro P1102 printer. We don't recommend refilling toner cartridges yourself as this can lead to problems. However, we do supply compatible HP LaserJet Pro P1102 toner cartridges which have already been professionally remanufactured and give you a cheaper alternative to using genuine HP cartridges. We strongly recommend that you try our premium brand recycled HP P1102 toner cartridges rather than refilling the cartridges yourself.

    Answered by Natalie Eaton (Staff Member) - about 2 years ago
  • I would like a quote on the price of a HP LaserJet P1102 toner? The cartridge number is RH-OCE285A?

    Price of LaserJet Pro P1102 toner

    The HP LaserJet Pro P1102 printer uses the HP CE285A black toner. We currently stock a single genuine HP CE285A black toner cartridge and a twin pack of genuine cartridges or we stock a compatible CE285A black toner cartridge which is a non-HP cartridge. All of the cartridges and current prices for LaserJet Pro P1102 toner are listed on this page. We don't recognise the specific cartridge reference you've provided although this is likely to refer to a compatible HP CE285A toner from another retailer.

    Answered by Claire Smith (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • For the HP P1102 LaserJet printer, is there an XL cartridge or not?

    HP LaserJet P1102 toner capacities

    No, HP don't manufacture a high capacity (XL) cartridge for the LaserJet Pro P1102 printer. The only cartridge that fits the machine is the standard capacity black HP 85A toner. However, if you're looking to save money on LaserJet Pro P1102 toner and benefit from a cheaper cost-per-print, we recommend that your order the HP CE285AD toner twin pack which costs less than buying two single HP 85A toner cartridges and will bring down your cost-per-print. Please see: http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk/CE285AD.html

    Answered by Nichola Ansbro (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • How much money are HP Laserjet P1102 black toner cartridges sold for?

    HP P1102 toner prices

    We have various types of HP LaserJet Pro P1102 black toner cartridges as listed above. All of our current prices are listed beside each of the HP LaserJet P1102 cartridges on the right-hand side of the page above "Add to basket".

    Answered by Damon Tetley (Staff Member) - 2 months ago
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HP LaserJet Pro P1102 Printer Review

Expert review of the HP LaserJet Pro P1102 printer 25 February 2014

Our Verdict:

The HP LaserJet Pro P1102 laser printer is an old school model that specialises in monochromatic printing. It's perfect for environments that only need to print text, and its limited functions make it small and compact enough to sit on a desk without being invasive.


Despite the increasingly popular array of colour laser printers, there are many offices that spend their days simply producing pages of black and white text. The HP P1102 is just the kind of printer for these office environments, as it's one of the best monochromatic lasers on the market. It does one thing, and it does it with high quality and speed.


The HP is rated by its manufacturer at 17 pages per minute, putting it in line with other monochromatic laser printer models and making it a sound choice for an office environment. However, many might find that this model is capable of going above and beyond the expectations set by HP, as it was able to produce a very respectable 23 pages per minute during one printing speed test. That's a highly efficient printer, even among monochromatic models. Thanks to HP's thoughtful design, installing a replacement HP P1102 toner is quick and easy.


One detractor when it comes to the printer's impressive speed is that the included paper tray only holds up to 150 sheets of regular laser printer paper. This low capacity could deter users from purchasing the printer and detract from its excellent page per minute rate, as it would only take a few minutes of printing before a paper refill is required. However, given the machine's price and efficiency, as well as its inclusion of a specialty paper tray for envelopes and non-traditional documents, it is an inconvenience that can be easily overlooked.

Home and business users alike will appreciate that the low price point doesn't result in a lack of features like networking. The HP P1102 supports both wired and wireless networking and pairs well with a wide variety of routers. Setup is easy, and the many computers in your home or office will be able to share the printer in a matter of minutes. This inclusion of wired and wireless networking is the icing on the cake for the HP P1102 monochromatic laser printer; combined with its faster-than-expected printing rate and its very compact size, it's a no-brainer for offices that don't require the high-resolution colour printing of more advanced models.