28th September 2019

A big thank you to all those that took part in the project on 28th September 2019, all the images submitted are amazing!

You can now view the images from A Day In The Life Cardiff on our Flickr Page here.

We’re on a mission – to get people looking up from their phones and taking in the world that surrounds them. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s leading press photographers, Mark Waugh, to help with a social experiment aimed at capturing a snapshot of the city of Cardiff.

In a bid to encourage others to take note of what’s happening around them we want to document 24 hours of the city – capturing everyday moments with the help of Mark Waugh. 

Inspired by the blog Humans Of New York, ‘A Day In The Life’ will capture the essence of what makes the city Cardiff  – immortalising the people, places and memories in art. 

Our Photographer - Mark Waugh

Edinburgh born and Manchester based, Mark Waugh started his photography career as a photographic printer, becoming the personal printer to portrait photographer Brian Ollier .

Between assisting commercial photographers Mark become the darkroom assistant at the South Manchester Reporter, working as a photographer in the evenings and weekends.

Soon he was a full time staff photographer, for all the papers, newspapers and magazines.

Moving on to the Manchester Evening News in the 1990’s, Mark made a name for himself gaining national press awards and a reputation for creative artist photography.

The down turn in the print media industry meant the MEN had to lose its staff photographers, but the then editor fought to keep Mark as the only staff photographer on the paper. Carrying on winning awards and building his reputation.

Today Mark is a premier photographer working freelance for newspapers, commercial clients, and his love of design has taken him into architectural photography.

Mark's Top Tips for Street Photography

Want to get involved but don’t know where to begin?

Mark has given us some top tips for street photography below:

  1. Always use manual if your camera has the option, the program modes have improved but you’re the photographer so take control of your camera’s exposure.

2. Try and spend a second looking around the scene just before you press the shutter.

3. Have your better work printed, digital is great but prints are better.

4. Find an image that you like and have a go at making your version.

5. Follow photographers you like for inspiration.

6. New gear isn’t going to make you a better photographer, so use what you have but get out and get the experience.

7. Think about the subject but the background is just as important.

8. Use your camera so much that you can change feature without thinking.

9. Set yourself projects.

10. Be nice to everyone you meet, even if they start off aggressive, a smile and a calm chat can win someone around, doing street photography you will get into tricky situations.

Mark will be hosting a workshop on Saturday 28th September to give you all you need to get out onto the streets of Cardiff with confidence that you’ll capture the perfect picture.


Once we’ve received all the images from the day, Mark’s job will really begin as he works with an acclaimed local artist to turn them into a piece of art.

The best images will be collected and transformed into a unique artwork that will go on display in Cardiff city centre later in 2019. A full gallery of images will also be available on our dedicated Flickr site.

Keep visiting back or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates with more details.

A Day In The Life

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