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We’ve all been there — that last-minute birthday card panic buying when we’ve forgotten a relative, friend or work colleagues’ birthdays! 

As annoying as it is, you’re in good company as research from OnePoll and Evite revealed that one in three Brits have even forgotten their partner’s birthday. 

While we may not be able to help you remember an important birthday, we can certainly help save your neck with some super-handy printable birthday cards!  We have two printable birthday card designs that you and print whenever you forget to pop to the shops – you can thank us later!  

Getting creative with your birthday cards 

We have two different designs available for you to print, both designs are very versatile and are suitable for people of all ages, from kids to your 87 year-old Nan! And if you fancy getting extra creative, we have lots of printable puppets and characters that you can add to your designs – perfect for adding a personal touch to our designs.  

If it is for a work colleague, maybe you could find some old funny photos of them and stick them to the front of the card to include some extra personalisation! 

Printing your birthday cards 

When it comes to printing your birthday cards, you will just need some plain A4 paper or card – depending on the quality of finish you want. We have a range of different paper available here:: 

Make sure your printer is topped up with toner cartridges and printer ink so that you can print your birthday cards in glorious colour! You can download and print out the two designs below for free and reuse them as much as you like. 

So next time you get caught short, remember you always have this little trick up your sleeve! 

Need a calendar to plan future birthdays? No problem! Our printable calendar will help you stay on top of those all-important dates.


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