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Printable Tea Chart

Anyone for a cuppa?! A well-known phrase around offices and households alike. But how do you like yours? We want to celebrate the British brew and have put together a chart for you, your colleagues and friends to print and enjoy. Plus our inbuilt tally allows you to keep tabs on the reluctant kettle boilers lurking in your department!


Fun facts for kids:

Did you know?

Brits drink 165 million cups of tea a day, according to UK Tea and Infusions Association.

How to make the perfect cup of tea

Of course, this is all down to personal preferences, but scientists at the University of Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences have pulled together their formula for the perfect brew. This is what they suggest:

  1. Perhaps controversially start by adding boiling water (200ml) to a tea bag in a mug (not a pot) and leave for two minutes.
  2. Then remove the bag and add milk.
  3. Let it sit for six minutes before drinking as this allows it to cool to 60C, considered the optimum time to let the flavours out.
  4. Make sure it’s drunk before 17 minutes and 30 seconds are up. This is when your cuppa will be past its best.

A guide to tea blends:

What are the different types of tea your colleagues might ask for? Here’s our quick run down…

Traditional English

Otherwise known as English Breakfast, builder’s brew, ‘tea’. This is the classic black tea drunk in the UK. Often served with milk and sugar.

Lapsang Souchong

A smokey, golden tea that has a very strong distinctive taste. Add milk, or brew slightly lighter to serve without.

Earl Grey

A light and fragrant lemon and bergamot flavoured black tea that is traditionally served black with a slice of lemon or dash of milk.

Lady Grey

A variation of Earl Grey but with a slight twist: the addition of orange peel oil.

Green Tea

A tea renowned for its health benefits. Contains antioxidants and properties that increase metabolism, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Definitely don’t leave this one to brew too long as it will become very bitter.


The relaxing tea. Often people drink this to relax before bed. If your colleagues ask for this, they might be stressed!


A good tea to choose if you’re feeling nauseous. Also helps with digestion as it aids the absorption of food.


Like the three teas immediately above this is caffeine free and has many reputed health benefits including easing digestion, cooling and calming the body and warding off colds.


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