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Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Bonfire Night is one of the nations favourite calendar events! When attending a bonfire or handling fireworks, safety is key, read our Bonfire Night safety tips and ensure you’re staying safe. 


Choose The Right Fireworks

If you’re hosting a bonfire at home, make sure the fireworks you buy are suitable for home use and for the size of your garden. Keep naked flames, including cigarettes, away from fireworks, and do not return to a firework once it has been lit. Needless to say, fireworks should be pointed away from spectators.


Protect Your Pets

With all the loud bangs from fireworks, pets can get very scared around Bonfire Night. Keep them inside the house so they don’t get near to the bonfire or fireworks, and close all winds and curtains to reduce the sound of explosions. 


Be Safe With Sparklers

We all love sparklers on Bonfire Night, but use them with safety. Light them in an open space that’s not too windy. Always ensure everyone holding sparklers is wearing gloves and holds the sparkler horizontally, as far away from their body and face as possible. Have a bucket of water near at all times, so once sparklers are no longer burning, they can be put in a bucket of water. 


Keep Your Distance 

Make sure you stand far away from both the fire and the fireworks. Always ensure a responsible adult is in charge of the bonfire. Always keep a bucket of water on hand for emergencies and don’t go near a firework once it’s been lit.

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