A step by step guide on how to catch a crab perfect for children aged 5+

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How To Catch A Crab

Off to the seaside this weekend? Why not give the kids a project using our guide on how to catch a crab!


Fun facts for kids

Do you know what a crab really is?

A crab is actually a “decapod” meaning 10-footed, as crabs have ten legs. The first pair of legs are its claws which have the technical name chelae. The crab belongs to the crustacean family.

How many species of crab are there in the world?

There are over 4,500 different species of crab worldwide. These live in a number of places including fresh water and land.

What do you call a group of crabs?

We know that a group of sheep is called a flock. In a similar way, a group of crabs is called a ‘cast’.

What do crabs eat?

Crabs are what we call omnivores. This means they eat both plants and meat. Their favourite food is algae but they also eat bacteria, molluscs, other crustaceans, worms and funghi.

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