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Buying Tips

We’ve complied a list of the top tips to make you a savvy shopper and save some serious cash. Top things to consider:

Paying too much

The most common mistake you can make when purchasing ink cartridges is paying too much. This is easily done as shoppers tend to think you must only use ink cartridges from the printer manufacturer. This is not necessary as there is always several cheaper alternatives available. For example you can save up to 50% on’s own brand compatible ink cartridges for a HP printer.


Buy in bulk

If you are a savvy shopper and want to save even more money, as with most everyday items, it is best to purchase ink cartridges in bulk to get the best deal. If you use a large amount of ink at home, for school, at work or for one of your hobbies, you can reap the rewards of buying in bulk and save serious amounts of money.  With’s ‘Lowest Online Price’ guarantee you can be sure you are never out of pocket and always have the best deal.


Wrong ink for the project

There are two main types of ink used in printers, there are dye-based and pigment-based inks. Not knowing the difference between different ink types can be a costly mistake and one which many people make. Dye-based inks produce prints with vibrant colours yet the ink dries slow and can sometimes blur. Whereas pigment-based inks product prints with clearer images due to a quicker drying time.


Print regularly

Infrequent use of a printer once every couple of months, can cause the ink to dry up within the cartridges. This is a common problem which the majority of ink cartridges suffer from. To prevent causing unnecessary purchases of new ink cartridges each time the printer is in use, try to print more frequently. For example, print off a few lines of text and a small image every couple of weeks, to ensure the ink remains fluid.

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