Printable Christmas wreath

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How To Make A Printable Paper Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath is traditionally made at the start of advent and this guide helps your little ones make their own homemade Christmas wreaths to mark the season.  It’s ultra-lightweight so you don’t have to worry about how or where to hang it; you can easily attach it to doors and walls. 

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Fun facts for kids

What does a Christmas wreath symbolise?

In Ancient Rome wreaths were used to symbolise victory and celebration. This practise has been passed down the ages and is why why many people hang decorations during one of the biggest celebratory seasons in the Western world.

The wreath is traditionally made using evergreen branches. These symbolise everlasting life because even during the the cold, harsh winter they are able to keep their leaves.

How should you hang a Christmas wreath?

Here are three easy tips to helping you to hang a Christmas wreath (if it’s not like ours and made from paper!):

  • Ribbon: Attach a long piece of ribbon to the top of your wreath. Position your wreath on the outside of your door and allow the ribbon to snake over the top and drape down the inside of your front door. Secure by tying the end of the ribbon to the door handle.
  • Using an ‘over the door’ wreath hanger: You can get these very cheaply. They work by simply hooking over the top of your door providing you with something to place your wreath upon.
  • Command hooks: These funny sounding hooks can be stuck to the front of your door for your wreath to hang from. They are easy to remove once the festive season is over.

When should you hang your Christmas wreath?

Traditionally the Christmas wreath is hung from the beginning to mid December until the 6th January.




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