Printable Christmas mitten cards

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How To Make Printable Christmas Mitten Cards

If you’re looking for where you can make Christmas cards for free…look no further.

Here’s a lovely template for you to download and print so that your little ones can create personalised, colourful mitten-shaped Christmas cards, cheaply. 

If you need to stock up on cheap printer ink, make sure you head to our website to stock up.

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Fun facts for kids

Where do greetings cards come from?

The first greeting cards were sent by Ancient Chinese to wish their friends and family good luck for the coming year. In 15th century Germany, cards celebrating the new year were also produced and sent.

Who invented Christmas cards?

The modern tradition of sending Christmas cards was started by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. He worked as an Assistant Keeper in the Post Office (then called the Public Record Office), which he helped set-up. In order to get more ordinary people to send letters, he designed the first card and sold them for 1 shilling each.

What should you write in a Christmas card?

If you’re looking for something a little bit more substantial than Merry Christmas, why not try one of these simple messages:

  • Wish you lots of love on Christmas Day. May it be filled will joy happiness and everything else you deserve.
  • May your Christmas be filled with peace, love and happiness…oh and lots of presents. Can’t forget that!
  • Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all your wishes be fulfilled.

How many Christmas cards are sent each year?

Every year in the UK alone, an estimated 1.8 billion Christmas cards are sent and received. The average UK household sends out about 50 cards each Christmas and most are written and mailed by women.

How to display Christmas cards

If you find your Christmas cards are taking over your shelves, here are a few other display options. Why not hang a piece of string across your room and hang your cards across it to make an attractive display? Alternatively, you can hang them from your banisters and over doors.

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