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Kids Printable Star Chart

Introducing a star chart to your child’s routine is a highly effective way to set daily, achievable tasks with rewards. After all, positive reinforcement is a fantastic way to keep children engaged – especially when you want to encourage change in behaviours. 

The benefits of a reward chart

Child psychologists have regularly praised star charts as a suitable tool for rewarding or changing a child’s behaviour. This is because star charts help outline goals you want your child to achieve. For example, improving manners, completing life skill tasks, or learning responsibility.  

Reward charts are a powerful way of:

  • Encouraging positive behaviours
  • Discouraging bad behaviours 
  • Rewarding skill development

How it works

When creating a star chart for your child, you can tailor it so that it’s specific to their age, and the behaviours you wish to influence and the tasks you want them to learn.

Our printable star chart has a row for each day of the week and 5 columns that are focused on reinforcing good behaviour. If you want to add more than 5 tasks, simply print off more than one copy, and of course, you can change the tasks to ones that are more appropriate for your child. 

Rewarding your child

Rewards are the fun part of creating a star chart! However, you want to ensure rewards are balanced and appropriate to the task. Remember, the key is to keep them engaged – they’ll lose interest if they are over-rewarded. 

Instead, work on a balance – give a sticker when they complete a task. Let them add it to the chart too, as this will help them feel a sense of accomplishment. As the day or week progresses, you can increase the reward. 

For example, if they receive 5 stars a day, you could reward them with an extra 30 minutes of playtime. 

If your child is old enough, you can work with them to plan rewards too. So, if they want a particular toy, you can set star goals for them to achieve – it will help them to stay focused and committed to working towards a reward. 

Also, stay positive. Try to avoid using negative language in relation to the star chart and avoid phrases such as “I’ll take a star away”. Instead, encourage your child to try again the following day if a star isn’t achieved.

Now all that is left for you to do is print off the star chart, and get started! Make sure you keep it in a spot that’s visible so that your child can see the progress they’re making. Remember to have fun and enjoy all the good behaviour that’s coming your way – good luck! 

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