Download and print out this easy guide to make finger puppets

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How To Make Finger Puppets

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids occupied at home and get them practising their creative skills, then we have the perfect activity for you!  Finger puppets can generate hours of fun for the whole family to enjoy! Not only do they put colouring-in skills to the test, they also provide an opportunity for kids (and parents) to flex their storytelling skills and create new worlds of adventure to explore. 

Unleash your inner puppeteer by downloading and printing our guide. All you need is some paper, crayons, cardboard and scissors. 

Why developing arts and craft skills is so important 

Developing arts and craft skills in children can be important for various reasons. When children use their fingers to play with art materials they are developing fine motor skills, like using both hands at the same time. Improving bilateral coordination is great for helping them do tasks like tying shoe laces, learning how to play instruments or using a knife and fork at the same time. 

Finger puppets are a fantastic way to spark creativity too, which can help children to express themselves and build self esteem. Trying out new ideas and a new way of thinking will also enable them to develop  problem solving abilities which will help them grow in confidence, too. 

Writing a creative script 

Children are natural storytellers — constantly creating unique universes that are full of colourful characters, so what a better way to bring them to life than with a finger puppet show!? 

You can let the story unfold organically, or you can help them to create a storyline and characters together. It’s a great way of getting them to expand their creative minds and imaginations. 

You can even help them to create a script to help improve reading, writing and verbal skills. 

All that’s left is the performance!  

Printing your downloadable guide 

Get started by downloading and printing out our finger puppet guide:

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You can find many more printable activities that are perfect for doing at home with your children here.


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