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Adult Colouring-In: The Joys of Life in Lockdown

Imagine if someone told you that January 2020 was as good as the year was going to get? You would have laughed in their face! 

We had holidays booked, nights out planned, parties in the calendar and the kids had a full year of school ahead of them. Life was looking peachy! 

Then March happened…

Covid-19 had arrived and the country entered into lockdown.

Suddenly, life was all about ‘navigating the new normal’ – baking banana bread and trying to create magical moments with family virtually – like we were auditioning for the next Sainsbury’s advert.  

We desperately tried to balance homeschooling while trying to maintain a semblance of professionalism on Zoom calls with our bosses. 

We gave PE with Joe Wicks a bash until we realised an exercise routine designed for kids was embarrassingly difficult to keep up with. 

We turned to TikTok for entertainment and got swept up in the challenges. 

We let our hair go wild, our waistlines expand and our dress sense take a nosedive.

And cocktail hour got earlier and earlier. 

But you know what, we survived! 

As winter 2020 rolls around and the likelihood of a second nationwide lockdown looms, we must remember that we have the resilience to get through it again. 

Here at Cartridge Save, we’re here to help you through it. 

Whether you’re homeschooling the kids (again), looking for new recipes to try out or just need some fun arts and crafts activities to keep everyone entertained, you’ll find lots of great downloads right here.

And when it comes to the adults – the heroes who are keeping everything together – we’ve got you covered too! 

The last few months have been tough, but we’ve all shared experiences that have brought us closer together. 

It’s time to settle down, grab a brew, pick up those pencils and relax with some adult colouring in….


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