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6 things you are recycling wrong in the office:

Here are a few simple tips to help you and your colleagues recycle better and help save the planet

Disposable Cups

Despite popular belief, your single-use coffee cup cannot be recycled due to the thin inner coating of polyethene which makes the cups waterproof. This means disposable cups are put with general waste. Even though the cup itself can’t be recycled the plastic lid could be.


Plastic Bags

If you tend to collect the office recycling in plastic bags, you may accidentally put the bag into the recycling. Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose and play a huge role in killing wildlife. To help combat this, ensure to empty the bag out and re-use it another day.



Although these can’t be recycled traditionally, you could save a lot of money by making them re-usable yourself. Invest in a few plug-in battery chargers for around the office. You’ll never have to buy batteries again!


Takeaway Boxes

Even if takeaway boxes from your cheat day lunch were originally recyclable, once your greasy food has touched it, it belongs in the general waste bin. Oil from food seeps into the paper boxes or paper and makes it impossible to separate them. But, remember to tear off the other, non-oily side of the box and recycle that at least!


Food Containers

If there are a few scraps of food left in the bottom of your recyclable butter tub or yoghurt pot, make sure to give it a quick rinse. You don’t need to scrub but wash away any food residue as food and liquid can contaminate the recycling materials meaning it is sent to landfill.



Although babies aren’t a common feature in offices, they seem to turn up every once in a while and if your on nappy duty DON’T RECYCLE IT! Many people know this but a fair few still attempt to recycle used nappies as they turn up at recycling centres frequently. As they are made up of multiple plastics (and don’t forget the human waste) they are non-recyclable and best left in the general waste bin.


Need help making sure the right waste goes in the right bin? We make it easy with our handy recycling poster. Print out our guide and pop it up by the bins in so your office or household and help get everyone recycling right.

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