Printable Advent Calendar

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Printable Homemade Advent Calendar

Start the Christmas countdown with a personalised homemade advent calendar. Each window will offer a surprise delight that’s made even more special because it’s been placed by you!

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Fun facts for kids

What is Advent?

Advent starts four weeks before Christmas and marks the start of the Christmas season in Britain.

What does Advent mean?

Advent comes from the latin word ‘adventus’ which means arrival. It was the name chosen by Christians because, for them, it celebrates the countdown to their annual celebration of Jesus’ birth, over two thousand years ago.

What is an Advent calendar?

An advent calendar is a visual countdown to Christmas Day (and Santa’s visit!). It has 24 windows, and one is to be opened each day, throughout Advent from 1st December until Christmas Eve.

What types of Advent calendars are there?

In the UK most advent calendars are made of paper, with either pictures or chocolate (if you’re lucky) behind the windows.  However in some European countries like Germany, they create an advent calendar using a wreath made from fir with 24 boxes hanging from it. Within the boxes there are little presents.

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