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Genuine HP 364XL

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This figure is based on manufacturer quoted values and is for comparison purposes only.

It is derived from testing using the international ISO standard for printing (ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712). For most cartridges this means 5% coverage printed onto plain A4 paper.

550 pages

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Product Description

High Capacity Black HP CN684EE Ink Cartridge

The genuine high capacity black HP CN684EE ink cartridge is the ideal solution for saving money. Designed to print more than twice as many pages as a standard HP 364 cartridge, this high capacity HP 364XL ink cartridge maximises your productivity and minimises your cost-per-page ratio. Filled with original HP ink for superior print quality, this high capacity black Hewlett Packard CN684EE printer cartridge produces rich blacks for improved contrasts and sharper, clearer text. Additional features of HP CN684EE ink are its water, smudge and fade resistant formula that allows you to print durable office documents without worrying about quality constraints. Previously known as HP CB321EE ink, the high capacity black HP 364XL cartridge has the new part number HP CN684EE and now comes with a capacity of approximately 550 pages.

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As the UK's leading online supplier of cheap HP ink cartridges we can save you money on the price of a replacement HP CN684EE printer cartridge. Our low price promise and FREE delivery service ensure that our high capacity black HP364XL ink cartridges cost a lot less than at other online stores. Better still, we give you total peace of mind with every purchase of HPCN684EE ink because we offer a full, 30 day money back guarantee to protect you against faulty or damaged goods. This genuine HP CN684EE ink cartridge has been manufactured to Hewlett Packard's rigorous quality standards and we promise that unless you get 100% customer satisfaction from your Hewlett Packard 364XL inkjet cartridge we will offer you a full refund. Start saving now and buy your cheap high capacity black HP 364XL ink by using our secure online checkout at any convenient time. If you prefer to contact us over the phone then our friendly customer support team will ensure that your order runs smoothly every step of the way. For speedy delivery, award winning customer care and the best price on your HP CN684EE ink order today from Cartridge Save.

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Product Specification

Manufacturer Part No.: CN684EE, HP364XL, 364XL
Colour: High Capacity Black
Capacity: 12ml
Duty Cycle: Approx. 550 pages @ 5% average coverage
Product Type: Ink Cartridge
Brand: HP

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • I need to replace an HP CB321EE black cartridge. I'm told it is now renumbered CN684EE. But the CN684EE new cartridge is only half the width (1cm v 2.5cm) of the old CB321EE isn't it? In which case how will it fit into the much wider slot for the old one in my HP C309g printer? Thanks for your advice.

    CN684EE size of cartridge

    You are correct, the CN684EE is smaller than the CB321EE. The printer is designed to hold either size in the same space in the printer. The black cartridge that came with the printer originally would have been this size so please be assured that there is no reason why this new cartridge will not fit.

    Answered by Nichola Ansbro (Staff Member) - about 4 years ago
  • You show the same picture of the HP 364XL black cartridge for both your advertised 'high capacity black cartridge' and also for your 'photo black' cartridge. Do you actually supply different cartridges, or do you supply the same cartridge for both scenarios?

    HP 364XL black and photo black

    The high capacity black HP 364XL cartridge and the high capacity photo black 364XL cartridge are two different cartridges and will fit into two different slots in your printer,.as long as your printer model takes a photo black cartridge. You will find that the packaging of the cartridges is in fact slightly different. You will also notice a small picture of a camera on the photo black ink cartridge and a small picture of a pentagon on the normal black cartridge.

    Answered by Lindsey Gough (Staff Member) - about 4 years ago
  • Hi, I have the same problem as a previous enquirer regarding the width of the black CN684EE ink cartridge for the HP Photosmart Premium C309g printer. The newer, narrower CN684EE does not fit my printer. Can you supply the old 2.3cm wide cartridge CB321EE? As you can imagine I'm fed up with HP changing sizes and capacities of cartridges. It makes buying a nightmare. Thanks for your advice.

    HP CN684EE installation problems

    Unfortunately, we are unable to supply the old HP 364XL cartridge (CB321EE). HP have replaced this cartridge with the new version (CN684EE) which has been designed to replace the old cartridge in all printers. HP do advise that this new cartridge is compatible with your printer, even though it does look like it won't fit. It is smaller than the original and therefore fits either to the side or in the centre of the slot. If you are having problems installing this item, you may want to contact HP who should be able to help further, please see their website for more information:

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - almost 4 years ago
  • Can you please confirm that the HP CN684EE cartridge will fit the Photosmark Plus B209a. I have spent a fortune having bought several XL cartridges online only to find that they do not fit?

    HP CN684EE compatibility

    Yes, this genuine high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge (CN684EE) is the correct cartridge for your HP Photosmart B209a printer model.

    Answered by Danielle Hopkins (Staff Member) - almost 4 years ago
  • I also am struggling to get 364XL cartridges. My printer is the HP Photosmart C309a, will the CN684EE cartridge fit this? I am deeply annoyed by this. It's not as if cartridges are really cheap, they are very expensive and to run out and not get replacements is hugely frustrating, especially as I have millions of assignments to complete.

    HP 364XL ink replacements

    We're sorry to hear that you are having trouble sourcing the correct cartridges. This genuine HP CN684EE, or HP 364XL high capacity black ink, will work in the Photosmart Premium Fax C309a printer. Please see the direct link to our website for all the items that we supply for the HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309a printer:

    Answered by Danielle Hopkins (Staff Member) - almost 4 years ago
  • I have tried to buy a CB321EE (800 page) cartridge but all I can find is the CN684EE (550 page) cartridge which some sellers say is the new equivalent. But how can a 550 page capacity be equivalent to an 800 page capacity? Can I still buy a proper HP CB321EE ink cartridge?

    Why can't I buy HP CB321EE ink anymore?

    It is correct that HP have replaced the old HP 364XL (CB321EE) with a new, smaller version with the code CN684EE. It still contains more ink than the standard HP 364 cartridge, so it is still a high capacity version. HP have produced this to completely replace the old cartridge in all of their printers, so it should fit without any problems. It is now slightly bigger than the standard black cartridge and should either fit in the centre or to the side of the black slot. The HP CB321EE ink cartridge has been discontinued by Hewlett Packard and the cartridge is no longer available to buy.

    Answered by Danielle Hopkins (Staff Member) - almost 4 years ago
  • I bought a HP 364XL. It does not fit in the B109n-z. Between the four copper contacts and the black tab there should be a small hole for the cartridge to slot in to. The printer has a small plastic tab that this hole should align to (original 364 supplied with printer has the hole and fits).The XL cartridge does not have the hole therefore it will never fit. Nice one HP! Can you check the above to confirm your stock of 364XL have the hole before I order? I don't want to waste any more money.

    Incompatibility of 364XL

    If your printer model is 'HP Photosmart B109n Wireless' and this is a UK make and model of printer, then the HP 364XL cartridges are compatible with your printer. You can view all compatible items that we stock for this printer on our website by following the link below:

    It is possible that there is a small plastic tab that needs to be removed from the cartridges prior to installation. There should be installation instructions contained within the item packaging. Your printer manual should also provide installation advice for replacing ink cartridges.

    Please contact a member of the team on our freephone number if you require any assistance ordering the correct cartridges for your printer.

    Answered by Paul Miller (Staff Member) - almost 4 years ago
  • Why has the capacity of the high capacity black HP 364XL cartridge been reduced from 800 pages to 550 pages but the price has not been reduced?

    CN684EE ink capacity compared to CB321EE

    HP changed the 364XL black cartridge in February 2011 from an 800 page capacity (CB321EE) to a 550 page capacity (CN684EE). The new HP CN684EE cartridge still has a higher capacity than the standard 364 cartridge and has been designed to completely replace the original HP CB321EE cartridge. We did change our prices to reflect this reduction in capacity, our prices are subject to change and do reflect any changes in the price of these ink cartridges.

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
  • My printer simply says B110. How do I know which cartridge is compatible when asked if it is a Photosmart B110a/b/c/d or e series printer?

    HP Photosmart B110 series printer ink

    The manual is likely to be the same for the whole series so will just say HP Photosmart B110 series. However, on the actual printer the model number is usually more specific so should have a letter after the number. If you cannot find this, the HP Photosmart B110a/ c/ d/ e printers all take the same cartridges. As long as your printer was purchased in the UK you will require the HP 364 standard black, yellow, magenta and cyan cartridges for your Photosmart B110 series printer.

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
  • When I replace the HP 364XL ink cartridge my HP 3550 Photosmart printer says 'cartridge older version'? Can you help please?

    HP 364XL incompatibility

    The Photosmart 3550 is not a printer we list on our website. However, we do list the Deskjet 3550 although this printer does not use HP 364XL cartridges. This is not an error message which I have heard of. If the cartridge is a genuine HP product then I recommend contacting HP as they will be able to give you the best technical support in regards to this query.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
  • I ordered a HP 364 XL black ink cartridge after checking compatibility on the HP site. I ordered genuine inks, yet the fitting at the end seems wrong - a slight reversed t-shape at the head of the cartridge. It clearly will not fit? Is there more than one cartridge? The reference on the order is CB322EE..

    Why does the HP 364 XL black ink cartridge not fit my Photosmart 6510?

    The HP CB322EE is the genuine high capacity photo black HP 364XL ink cartridge which is not the same as HP CN684EE genuine high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge which is required by your printer. Some machines take both the normal black and the photo black but the Photosmart 6510 printer can only use the normal black ink (CN684EE) not (CB322EE). Please see the link below for the correct cartridge to order:

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - over 3 years ago
  • Will the HP CN684E printer cartridge fit a HP Photosmart B109n printer?

    Black ink for Photosmart B109n

    Yes. I've attached a link to our website below where you can view all items that are guaranteed to work in printer 'HP Photosmart B109n':

    Please contact a member of our award winning customer care team if you require telephone assistance when ordering items for your printer.

    Answered by Paul Miller (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • I recently bought a set of cartridges for my Photosmart 5510 believing the 364XL inks to be more economical. I now find that they will not fit in the slot. Why is this?

    HP Photosmart 5510 ink cartridges

    The 364XL cartridges are designed to fit into the HP Photosmart 5510.

    HP have recently changed the size of the 364XL black cartridge and this is now a slimmer cartridge. However, it will fit into the centre of the wider black slot.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • Hello, I have a HP Deskjet 3070A with black ink ref: 364 setup and code CN676E. Which cartridge do I buy please as your 364XL has a different 'C' number on it? Thank you.

    HP 364XL cartridge compatibility

    Any of the cartridges listed at the link below are designed to work within the (UK model) HP DeskJet 3070A.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • Please tell me what cartridge number I need for the HP CQ176B printer model and where to get it?

    CN684EE ink cartridge replacement

    We've identified your printer as the HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One printer. This machine uses the HP 364 / 364XL cartridges. You can view the full range of consumables for the Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One by following the link below:

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • I have a Hewlet Packard Photosmart B110a (product number CN245B). I need a replacement that will actually fit as I have already ordered the wrong type. The original black cartridge that was supplied with the printer has a larger diameter ink feed on the base that pairs with the printer, the only description on the cartridge is that it is a 364 setup and a number on the base (CN661E). Any help would be greatly appreciated?

    Photosmart B110a black ink cartridge

    The Photosmart B110a printer uses this genuine high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge, also known as HP CN684EE. This replaces the old cartridge code CB321EE. CB321EE is a larger cartridge but this slimmer version of the HP 364XL black ink cartridge will still fit into the same slot in your printer.

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • Hi, I need to replace the large black ink cartridge for the Photosmart Premium C309g printer. Previously, I have purchased CN680E. Is this still available? If not, what is the replacement number please? Kind regards, David.

    Photosmart C309g black ink cartridge

    There are 2 black cartridges designed for use within this printer. A standard black (CN684EE) and a photo black (CB322EE).

    The standard black (CN684EE) was previously a wider cartridge (CB321EE) but was superseded last year by this new slimmer alternative.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - about 3 years ago
  • What has replaced the CN676E black ink cartridge for the HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One. This is the larger cartridge on the far right slot?

    Replacement HP 7510 e-All-in-One ink

    The CN676E is a starter cartridge (black setup cartridge) which comes with the printer when it is first bought. However, you will now need to buy replacement black HP 364 or HP 364XL ink cartridges to go in this slot. Please use the link below to view all the cartridges which can be used in your machine.

    Answered by Stacy Bass (Staff Member) - almost 3 years ago
  • Could you please tell me what the difference is in the ink capacity between the standard HP 364 cartridge (CB316EE) and the new high capacity HP 364XL cartridge (CN684EE). Can you please state the volume of ink contained in each and also how many pages each one is capable of printing? Thank you. Kind Regards, Cathy Hirst.

    Capacity of black HP 364 / 364XL ink cartridges

    Black HP 364 ink cartridge (CB316EE): 6ml / 250 pages at 5% coverage.

    High capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge (CN684EE): 12ml / 550 pages at 5% coverage.

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - almost 3 years ago
  • Hello, I was wondering if this high capacity black CN684EE ink cartridge comes with a chip because without it my printer would not recognise that there is a cartridge inserted?

    Chip on HP CN684EE print cartridge

    Yes, every cartridge we sell comes fully chipped and ready to use, including this genuine HP CN684EE high capacity black ink cartridge.

    Answered by Daniel Zieba (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • I have a Photosmart C310 printer. Apart from the four ink cartridges there's a larger one on the right which I think is called a photo cartridge. What is the code for ordering this replacement cartridge?

    Photo black ink cartridge number

    The larger black ink cartridge in your printer is the regular high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge (pictured above). The photo black HP 364XL ink cartridge is the same size as the other colour HP 364XL ink cartridges in your printer. The code for the regular black 364XL is CN684EE. The code for the photo black HP 364XL is CB322EE. You can view all cartridges that we stock for your printer (HP Photosmart Premium C310) on our website by following the link below:

    Please contact a member of our customer care team if you require any assistance ordering the correct cartridges for your printer.

    Answered by Paul Miller (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • I want to know the exact ordering codes for the following items: Standard and high capacity blacK ink cartridges, standard capacity individual codes for cyan, magenta and yellow, and for a standard multipack of ink cartridges. I would also like the ordering codes for high capacity cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges (if available) and a high capacity ink cartridge multipack as I'm confused about which items to order and can't afford to order the wrong goods?

    Toner codes for HP Photosmart 5510

    The codes you require are as follows:

    Standard black ink cartridge = CB316EE
    High capacity black ink cartridge = CN684EE

    Standard cartridges individual codes
    Cyan = CB318EE
    Magenta = CB319EE
    Yellow = CB320EE

    Standard multipack ink cartridges = SD534EE

    High capacity colour ink cartridges -
    Cyan = CB323EE
    Magenta = CB324EE
    Yellow = CB325EE

    High capacity ink cartridge multipack = HP364XL-PACK

    All codes provided are for our genuine cartridges.

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • I accidentally bought an HP 364 photo black cartridge. I assumed I could put it in the black slot in my HP Photosmart 6510. Will it fit? I do not want to open it if not.

    HP 364XL photo black cartridge

    No, I'm afraid that HP CN684EE is the regular black HP 364XL cartridge that you need for the Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One printer. The Photomsmart 6510 cannot accept the photo black HP 364XL ink cartridge you've purchased. As it is unopened we can accept it back for a full refund. Please fill out the returns form attached:

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • I want to print many pages and the normal HP 301 cartridge doesn't last for more than 190 pages . Can HP 364XL be fitted and used in my HP 3055A machine without any problems? Thanks.

    Can I use HP 364XL?

    Unfortunately, this high capacity black 364XL cartridge cannot be used in the HP Deskjet 3055A printer. However, we do supply a high capacity black HP 301 XL cartridge which will fit in your printer and give you more pages than the standard capacity HP 301 cartridge. Please see:

    Answered by Ben Townsend (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • Is this HP CN684EE ink cartridge suitable for the 5520e Photosmart all-in-one printer? Many thanks, Anita.

    HP CN684EE ink cartridge compatibility

    Yes, the genuine high capacity black HP 364XL print cartridge (CN684EE) is compatible with all of the printer models listed below in blue link text which includes the HP Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One printer.

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • Will this black HP 364 XL cartridge fit my HP Photosmart 5515 printer?

    HP Photosmart 5515 black ink cartridge

    Yes, the HP Photosmart 5515 can use this genuine high capacity black HP 364XL (CN684EE) ink cartridge. To see a full list of supplies for the Photosmart 5515 printer please refer to the following page of our website:

    Answered by Paul Kielty (Staff Member) - over 2 years ago
  • I'm trying to find the HP cartridge I need to replace this?

    HP CN676E setup cartridge

    Unfortunately, we don't recognise the code you've provided. If this relates to a setup cartridge then these are only available when you purchase the printer or through HP directly. We would need to confirm the model number of your printer to confirm which replacement ink cartridge it requires. It's likely that this genuine HP 364XL ink cartridge will be the cartridge you need to use from now on but we advise you to confirm this with Hewlett Packard before ordering.

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - about 2 years ago
  • I have an HP Photosmart eStation C510 printer. Will any other compatIble ink cartridges work with this model? Thanks.

    CN684EE ink compatibility

    This is a genuine HP CN684EE ink cartridge which is compatible with the HP Photosmart C510 ePrinter. As a result of your enquiry we've now listed this model on our website and you can now see the full range of ink cartridges for the Photosmart eStation C510 printer here:

    Answered by Cheryl Stanley (Staff Member) - about 2 years ago
  • I have an HP Photosmart 6510 printer, model number B211a .The HP 364XL cartridge comes with two options: CN684EE and CN684EE ABB. What's the difference between them? Which one do I use? Thank you.

    CN684EE ink cartridge codes

    The code suffix #ABB denotes Eurpoe or UK products. Therefore, if your Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-one - B211a printer was purchased in the UK you will need to use the HP CB684EE#ABB cartridge in your printer. This is the version that we'll be supplying as a supplier of UK cartridges.

    Answered by Tamara Sawyer (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • Hi, I bought an ink cartridge from you in November and it only lasted 100 pages or so. Also, it kept coming up with an error that it was not a geniune HP cartridge. I thought maybe I ordered a replacement. Now I've searched on the internet again and happened to order this HP CN684EE original cartridge from you. Please can you let me know if it's a geniune HP 364XL black cartridge and will last the 750 page claim? Are these geniune HP? If not, can you cancel my order?

    Genuine HP CN684EE black ink cartridge

    This is a brand new and genuine HP CN684EE ink cartridge (also known as the high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge). It comes in unopened packaging and, provided your printer model is listed below, it's guaranteed to work reliably in your printer or you can claim a full refund with our 30 day money back guarantee. In terms of the amount of pages you can print, this original HP CN684EE ink cartridge has a capacity of approximately 550 pages (not 750 pages). This is based on printing at 5% coverage on an A4 page. Anything that equates to more than 5% of a page will mean the expected yield from the cartridge will decrease so you need to take this into account when calculating how many pages you've printed from a cartridge in relation to the manufacturer's estimated yield.

    Answered by Stacey Cullen (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • Hi, we use a lot more black ink than the colour inks so I'm wondering if I can buy a black 364XL ink cartridge (for a HP Photosmart 6520) and use that in the same configuration with the non-XL cyan, yellow and magenta inks?

    Using HP 364XL black ink with standard colour cartridges

    Yes, the high capacity black 364XL ink cartridge will work fine alongside the non-XL cartridges in your Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-One printer. The only difference is that the HP 364 XL cartridges are high capacity and contain more ink than the standard capacity HP 364 cartridges. You can use any combination of high or standard capacity cartridges in the printer as long as all of the cartridges are installed in the correct colour slots for black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

    Answered by Stacey Cullen (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • I've been using 364 cartridges in my HP Photosmart 6520 All-in-One printer. Will the 364XL cartridges work in this printer?

    Black HP 364XL ink cartridge compatibility

    Yes, this genuine high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge (CN684EE) is compatible with any of the printers listed below including the HP Photosmart 6520 e-All-in-0ne printer. The HP 364XL cartridges work in the same way as the HP 364 ink cartridges, they just contain a larger volume of ink. It's also possible to use HP 364XL cyan, magenta and yellow inks in your Photosmart 6520 printer as well as the black 364XL cartridge. Please see:

    Answered by Amanda Garnett (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • Hi, I have an Officejet 4620 printer. Will a HP364XL black cartridge fit this please?

    HP 364XL compatibility

    Yes, this genuine HP 364XL high capacity black cartridge (CN684EE) is guaranteed to work in any of the printer models specified below which does include the HP Officejet 4620 e-All-in-One printer.

    Answered by Claire Smith (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • Is this black ink cartridge 364XL suitable for my HP Photosmart 5524 printer? Normally, I just use the regular 364 inks but I've read from reviews that these are supplied with the printer as starter ink cartridges and XL cartridges will fit the same printer but the ink will last longer. Is this correct?

    HP 364 XL ink for Photosmart 5524?

    364XL cartridges will last longer than starter cartridges or regular 364 cartridges. However, starter cartridges aren't the same as regular HP 364 cartridges. The starter cartridges are only available from HP and are usually only sold with the printer itself. However, you can use the high capacity HP 364XL ink cartridges in the HP Photosmart 5524 printer instead of the regular HP 364 ink cartridges. Any cartridge listed on the following page, including this original HP 364XL high capacity black cartridge, can work in the Photosmart 5524 printer:

    Answered by Amanda Garnett (Staff Member) - over 1 year ago
  • Can I use the black and colour HP 364XL inks in the HP CX042B Photosmart 5520 printer?

    HP CN684EE ink for Photosmart 5520

    This genuine high capacity black HP 364XL ink cartridge (CN684EE) is compatible with the Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One printer along with the HP 364XL colour cartridges, provided that your Photosmart 5520 printer was purchased in the UK. For the full list of cartridges that can be used in the HP Photosmart 5520 e-All-in-One printer please visit the following page of our website:

    Answered by Amanda Garnett (Staff Member) - about 1 year ago
  • I have a HP Deskjet 3520 printer and want to order just black ink as I obviously use more of that. Is HP364XL the correct ink for me to order?

    HP 364XL black cartridge compatibility

    There are two different HP 3520 model printers which use different sets of cartridges. If you have the HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One printer then you'll need the HP 364XL cartridges such as this HP 364XL high capacity black ink cartridge. However, the HP Deskjet 3520 printer doesn't accept the HP 364XL ink cartridges. Please see the links below for the correct cartridges that work in the two different versions of the Deskjet 3520 printers:

    HP Deskjet 3520 e-All-in-One printer:

    HP Deskjet 3520 colour inkjet printer:

    Answered by Vicky Lush (Staff Member) - 10 months ago
  • Are all the HP 364XL black ink cartridges compatible with my HP Deskjet 3070A printer?

    Black ink for HP Deskjet 3070A

    Yes, you can use either the genuine HP 364XL high capacity black ink cartridge or the HP 364 black ink cartridge in your Deskjet 3070A printer. We also have a premium brand compatible HP 364XL high capacity black ink cartridge which can also be used in your Deskjet 3070A printer as a cheaper alternative to the HP cartridges. Please see:

    Answered by Daniel Kelman (Staff Member) - 9 months ago
  • Surely the best thing is for HP to issue a different number for each of the small and large cartridges. The "CB", "CN" or whatever number is too hard to find on the cartridge or packing - is it really there?

    Black 364XL cartridge code

    HP use two different manufacturer codes for each cartridge. The short code "HP 364XL" simply indicates that the cartridge is of high capacity and you must also use the colour ie. black to distinguish between 364XL cartridges as there are also HP 364XL cartridges in photo black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours. The long code "CN684EE" is the unique manufacturer code for the cartridge. We provide you with both of these product codes in the page title and the product description to help you identify the cartridge you need. HP's packaging also helps you distinguish between high capacity cartridges and standard capacity cartridges. The XL cartridges are in green and black boxes as opposed to standard capacity cartridges which are in blue and black boxes. Furthermore, on each cartridge in the HP 364 / XL range there should be a symbol on the cartridge which will help you install it into the correct slot. For example, this HP 364XL black ink cartridge (CN684EE) uses a pentagon symbol.

    Answered by Euphemia Milner (Staff Member) - 8 months ago
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    This cartridge arrived the next day and I am very satisfied.

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    Excellent cartridges seem to last a good time.

  • Genuine HP 24 Mar 2015 Amanda from Northwich, Cheshire

    Online ordering easy, arrived next day, genuine HP cartridges exactly as ordered!

  • Paint it black 22 Mar 2015 Paula from London

    What can I say--this cartridge delivers the right amount of ink so the text is perfect and black. I have had the same sort of cratridge before and it lasted a good long time--I do alot of B&W photo printing too, not just text.

  • Superb service 21 Mar 2015 deano from Leics

    Cheaper than anywhere else, and the delivery was very quick.

  • just the same 19 Mar 2015 do not have one from yorkshire

    always good

  • It is what it says on the tin 19 Mar 2015 John Pearse from Wales

    Got exactly what I had ordered,in good time,good service,& everything works perfectly!

  • God ink supplies? NO, the best 13 Mar 2015 Mike Bayliff from SWUK

    Excellent fast service with original cartridges

  • No Complaints! 12 Mar 2015 Tegwyn from Near Aberystwyth, Wales

    I have found your service to be first class in all respects, and I intend using it again and again.

  • Black Ink Cartridge 2 Mar 2015 Jimmy from S.Wales. UK

    I ordered an extra black cartridge along with a multipack as I tend to use more of black. Arrived quickly along with my other order. Great quality and easy to insert. Would recommend. I will buy again.

  • HP replacement black cartridge 2 Mar 2015 fletch from derbyshire

    Excellent service, delivery very quick and the quality is very good.

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    Great service and easy transaction buying from Cartridgesave!

  • As expected 28 Feb 2015 PEP

    As expected - good prompt service. Standard hp product.

  • As usual 24 Feb 2015 PEP from Somerset

    The service provided is excellent and quite up to the usual high standard. It is prompt and efficient.

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    Really amazing service, quick and helpful. thank you.

  • a good price 16 Feb 2015 penny from nr london

    a good price for genuine ink cartridges that arrived next day

  • Obviously it works 14 Feb 2015 Andy Belshaw from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    I only buy these now as I've had problems with the compatibles. They've always worked and are slightly cheaper from here compared to other sites I've visited. Service is always excellent so I don't look anywhere else.

  • Printer cartridges 14 Feb 2015 Di from New Forest

    Excellent value free and speedy delivery

  • HP 364 Ink Cartridge 8 Feb 2015 RichBee from Andover

    High quality product. Competitive price. Rapid delivery. Perfect!

  • CartridgeSave is best because, ... 5 Feb 2015 Harry Maurer. No Nickname besides what Missus calls mey. Don't think Arsehole would be appropriate :-) ... from Most time in the Dog House

    CartridgeSave is best because, ... when their Cartridges don't work they will quickly replace it free of Charge!

  • Up to expectations 23 Jan 2015 Hedley13 from Midlands

    No problems with this cartridge. Has produced many sheets already. Good quality.


    No problems! This cartridge is easy to fit, lasts a long time and is a reasonable price.

  • Simple and straight forward 12 Jan 2015 K from Bristol

    Great service, just what I needed.

  • Does what it says on the Cartridge 9 Jan 2015 Cansy from South West UK

    Things are looking black and are continuing to do so - which is good

  • Cartridge delivery 8 Jan 2015 Bill from Jersey

    Excellent service, as ever.

  • Black and white 8 Jan 2015 Mrs Linda Scott from Taunton

    No quibble. What you see is what you get. Good quality colour for a good price.

  • first class 4 Jan 2015 Babs from Hull

    Ordered one day, arrived the next morning. so perfect for me, as I do not have to worry about running out of printer ink!

  • Excellent Service again 2 Jan 2015 James Milne

    Another vey good service and product

  • Black HP 364XL cartridge 26 Dec 2014 Bob from Cambridge

    Excellent delivery and free as well.

  • Great service 20 Dec 2014 Julie from Norfolk

    Dealt courteously with telephone enquiry and product arrived quickly. No hesitation in using company again.

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    Always delivered on time, always good products and always excellent service

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    Excellent product - and rapid delivery.

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    Excellent product

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    Super efficient delivery which is handy for me as I work from home and often need the printer to work urgentyly

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    I am very pleased with this purchase - good value and quick delivery. Thank you.

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    Exact product I wanted at the best price I found on the internet, easy and fast service.

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    first class product and service

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    As you'd expext .. good quality printing

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    Cartridges are fine, and they arrived in record time. Very happy.

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    happy with ink and very happy with price and service from cat ridge save. can't fault them.

  • Reliable printing. 21 Nov 2014 Daedaluk from Wigan

    No fuss, no hassle, there when you need it printing. Did not let me down!

  • 364XL HP Ink Cartridge 17 Nov 2014 Helena

    Good quality - long lasting - no problems with this.

  • BlackHigh Capacity HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 15 Nov 2014 Trinidadian1951 from London

    Great, as usual. Just when one has forgotten about replacing Cartridges, they disappear.But as always, you are there .

  • No problems 14 Nov 2014 Rob from Liverpool

    Does what it says on the tin, good product.

  • HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 13 Nov 2014 Brenda Tomlinson from York

    No problems. Excellent service.

  • HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 13 Nov 2014 Brenda Tomlinson from York

    No problems. Excellent service.

  • delivery 7 Nov 2014 Mike from Dorset

    What a speedy delivery, came 2days earlier than anticipated, well done

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    Excellent service.

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    Excellent product and excellent delivery service. Highly recommended.

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    Good price and prompt delivery on genuine product

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    The product, as always, arrived safely and on time and is of top quality.

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    good and efficient service at a reasonable price.


    very pleased with the product the quick delivery & the price.

  • Suberb service and delivery 23 Oct 2014 John Woods from Norfolk

    The trouble with modern printers is that they stop functioning if any component is either missing or depleted. My printer ran out of Black Ink and I was in the middle of printing an important document. All the promises in the world are useless unless the product can be delivered the following day. Cartridge Save can do that every time. Needless to say the Cartridge meets all the quality requirements.

  • The best I have found 23 Oct 2014 Tom Richardson from Helston, Cornwall

    I can always rely on CartridgeSave to produce the best goods and deliver them on time.

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    Hassle free ordering, quick delivery and great products, all you need when your busy. Will always use cartridge save.

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    Arrived on time the next day, easy to order at a good price, produces quality, clear, black ink printing very pleased.

  • Ink Cartridge 20 Oct 2014 Jeanette Warner from E.L. Tsang & Associates, Ford Road Dental Surgery

    I am more than happy with the quality of these cartridges. It's a shame they don't come in a larger size though as we do tend to get through them very quickly.

  • HP cartridge 13 Oct 2014 Saz from Cheshire


  • H C Black HP 364XL Cartridge 13 Oct 2014 Bill from Surrey

    my use of my printer is not for business as I am retired , however , my hobby involves me in phases of multi printing and I have found this product to suit me very well whether the printer is used regularly or only used after periods of little activity . And it is good value for money

  • Black HP 364xl cartridge 12 Oct 2014 Macca from Wiltshire

    Excellent cartridges as usual. I order a lot as I work from home at the moment and cartridges always arrive promptly and I always receive a vat receipt which is important for work.

  • Excellent Product 10 Oct 2014 TRS from London

    Highly rated with excellent print quality.

  • Great service 26 Sep 2014 Jan from Cumbria

    Fast delivery. Pleased with product.

  • CartridgeSave Inks 14 Sep 2014 David Colman from Henfield, West Sussex.

    I have used their inks for some time, and have never had a problem with them.

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    The cartridge is what you e expect from a genuine HP product.

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    genuine product delivered next day. could not ask for more

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    Very pleased with quick delivery service. We always use Genuine High Capacity HP inks, cannot go wrong and worth paying the extra for. Have used Catridgesave before and would use again, at the same time they must keep prices competitive!!

  • Ink 23 Aug 2014 Postman Pat from Japan

    Very Good.

  • Consistency 19 Aug 2014 TonyM from Worcestershire

    As usual excellent service at a good price.

  • Review of High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 18 Aug 2014 Helena Stephens from Colchester, Essex

    Excellent quality cartridge, speedy delivery and seems fairly long lasting. I always keep one in stock because, unless I check the ink levels, my computer does not warn me of diminishing levels of ink.

  • Review of High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 18 Aug 2014 Helena

    Excellent quality cartridge, speedy delivery and seems fairly long lasting. I always keep one in stock because, unless I check the ink levels, my computer does not warn me of diminishing levels of ink.

  • Service provided by 16 Aug 2014 QPR4Me from London

    Was delighted with both the speed of service and with the cartridge itself. It arrived well packaged and was exactly what was ordered. Will def use again in future.

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    Exactly as required, service from Cartridgesave excellant.

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    Very good priced product, arrived next day, excellent service

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    It is perfectly genuine, and it is not my 1st purchase. I will be purchasing more as & when needed. Best price, Courteous service & prompt delivery.

  • High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 4 Aug 2014 Bernard Kane from Ufford, Stamford, PE93BH

    I have always found Cartridge Save a dependable company to deal with. Their consumables are exactly what they say and in the event of a problem they are swift to help the customer through their support links.

  • service and product review 4 Aug 2014 Zoe Rawles (HealthTrain) from Wales

    I cannot fault the service from Cartridge Save. I wasn't going to be in when the delivery arrived and they went to great lengths to make sure I still receive my goods. Everything always arrives a day later and is good value. Excellent service thank you

  • Refills 3 Aug 2014 Solly from Down South

    As expected

  • black 28 Jul 2014 George from Sussex

    Siuts the computer very well. Delivery service excellent

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    Always pleased with your value and speed of delivery.

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    Just to say that this is a fantastic service from Cartridge Save,arrived the day after I ordered this,what more can you ask of a business.

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    Ordered fri night came sat morning

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    Ink needed unexpectedly for important report. Had mistakenly thought plenty of ink in stock. Thank you for your rapid response.

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    brill service

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    Yes genuine HP product at the best price and supplied promptly.

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    Cannot heap more praise on the efficient service provided. Ordered late afternoon, arrived next days post. Cannot be better than that. I shall continue to purchase here because the website is becoming easier to use.

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    Ive used Cartridge Save a few times now - they are competitive and its an effortless purchase.

  • John Romsey 14 Jul 2014 John from Romsey

    Delighted - As Usual - with your product and service - Excellent.

  • Genuine HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 5 Jul 2014 William from Scotland

    The cartridge produces clear and distinct results.

  • Very happy with product and competitive price 5 Jul 2014 Mileslewis from Colchester

    I haven't tested whether the genuine cartridge lasts longer than the imitations but am very happy with the latter. I hadn't intended buying this cartridge but brain went into remote and I bought this instead of the imitation.

  • Genuine HP 364 XL Black Cartridge 29 Jun 2014 Pete from Reddish Stockport

    Excellent service from place order late afternoon, cartridge arrived by first class post next day.

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    Good product.

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    We are pleased with this product and the quality of the ink

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    Does the business just what it says on the tin

  • Perfect, what more can I say? 19 Jun 2014 babaloo from Barton upon Humber

    cartridgesave are first class in having the products you want to buy when you want to buy them, at a competitive price, and delivering the day after ordering.

  • HP Ink 15 Jun 2014 Alan from Sussex

    Does what it says on the packet. I wish HP wouldn't tell you to change cartridges before they are completely empty. It costs users a lot of money.

  • service and delivery 12 Jun 2014 Sophia from Carmarthenshire

    This company is excellent, good product and quickly delivered. I shall continue to shop here.

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    It's first time I'd bought ink from cartridge save but it won't be the last. Really speedy and free delivery. Very pleased all round, thanks

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    As always excellent service by Cartridge save. We wouldn't use anyone else. HP always good products

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    Quality genuine HP black ink cartridge. Great service from Cartridge Save.

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    Great service and genuine products. Always in stock and delivered on time.

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    This company makes it easy to order my inks and the speedy delivery is so helpful. The staff are very helpful too. In a nutshell once the order is made I can sleep easy.

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    Thank you for your very prompt service. The product arrived quickly and without any damage. I will definitely us your company next time.

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    Good service - easy to use sight - competitive price

  • GU10 LED Bulbs 4 Jun 2014 Bob from Wales

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  • Helpful company 4 Jun 2014 Uma from Oxford

    I had trouble with getting my product. The operator who took my order made a mistake with the address. The customer advisor was very courteous and helpful and resolved the matter for me very smoothly. Next time my ink cartridge empties, I will come to Cartridgesave again.

  • HP cartridges 1 Jun 2014 CK from Western Isles Scotland

    Arrived swiftly and fully compatible with printer. Very good service.

  • Worth every penny! 1 Jun 2014 Linda from Sometset

    The quality if the ink and the amount I seem to get out of it is far superior to any other I have used.

  • Right product, right price, prompt delivery 30 May 2014 Peter from Hertfordshire

    The supplier says 'next day' and it is next day delivery - saves trudging round the shops!!

  • HP364XL black cartridge 30 May 2014 Sue from Whitley Bay

    Excellent product and amazing delivery time

  • No problem 29 May 2014 Richard from Weybidge

    Worked well

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    excellent service and delivery

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    I really appreciate the very quick and efficient service I receive from this company.

  • Hp high capacity black hp cartridge 16 May 2014 Sue from Norfolk

    I really appreciate the very quick and efficient service I receive from this company.

  • It's not only the ink it's the qolity 10 May 2014 Gerald

    We have never given a review before , but the resulted improvements in printing are amazing you must give it a go .

  • Highly Recommended 10 May 2014 Johnney from Harrow

    Genuine product (NOT refurbished or Recycled), Long Expiry Date, Reasonably Priced. I regularly buy from

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    Fast and efficient service. Absolutely no complaints

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    Fast delivery, genuine product. First class service.

  • quality cartridges 5 May 2014 ruth from wales

    I've never used brands other than the genuine HP cartridge so can't compare them but they are of good quality. The service was fast and efficient and I would use again as they were the cheapest I could find the black and coloured cartridges for model 364XL when buying in bulk.

  • HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 4 May 2014 JOE from MK42


  • HP cartridge 3 May 2014 redwhite from Harrogate North Yorkshire

    Excellent quality from HP as usual and that is why I always them

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  • Excellent 1 May 2014 Jill from London

    I have used Cartridgesave a few times and they have always been efficient and quick in delivery. Also good quality ink cartridges

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    Competitive price and efficient delivery

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    Does what it says on the packet

  • Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 21 Apr 2014 J from Devon

    Delivered next day as requested. Great!

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    The cartridges arrived on time and are printing as expected. Service good as usual.

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    Great product for a brilliant price and free next day delivery. You couldn't ask for more.

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    This genuine cartridge saves a few pounds SO over a year you save enough to buy another one.

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    Really pleased with this cartridge. Also, the superfast delivery from I will order from you in the future1 Thank you.

  • Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 17 Apr 2014 G

    Spot on

  • long live cartridgesave 17 Apr 2014 gwenda from hitchin, herts

    efficient and prompt service

  • Black HP 364XL 5 Apr 2014 Lucky from Lancashire

    This ink cartridge performs very well, I have only once had to request a replacement when a cartridge appeared to be empty on installation.

  • Black HP 364XL 5 Apr 2014 Lucky from Lancashire

    This ink cartridge performs very well, I have only once had to request a replacement when a cartridge appeared to be empty on installation.

  • cart 30 Mar 2014 alice from Essex

    very good

  • Posting 30 Mar 2014 Colin Dennison from Essex

    Very quick to despatch item

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    So easy to find and buy.

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    Excellent response time. Genuine article. Would use Cartridge Save again.

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    Very good price and very prompt service

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    Price,delivery,function all perfect.Excellent company.

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    genuine manufacturer's cartridge speedily supplied

  • Cartridge Review 7 Mar 2014 Graham

    The best thing about ordering items from Cartridge Save is their excellent service. When they say "next day delivery", it means next day delivery, even when our lane was affected by floods during the recent bad weather

  • Ink Cartridges 6 Mar 2014 No name

    Excellent, no complaints. Would recommend.

  • HP Ink Cartridges 28 Feb 2014 Julia from North Lincolnshire

    Very impressed with Cartridge Save as they are always the most competative. They send the goods immediately, next day delivery! My only comment is that the cartridges dont last as long as I would like

  • Good value 27 Feb 2014 Michael from Somerset

    Genuine product and value for money

  • Review 27 Feb 2014 klyph from UK

    Excellent goods and service

  • High capacity HP ink cartridge Black 24 Feb 2014 Pamplemousse from York

    Excellent service from Cartridge Save. Cartridges economical.

  • Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 23 Feb 2014 Bob from Chester

    The order on CartridgeSave was as usual first class. Having in the past used other ink cartridge dealers I find the service from CartridgeSave is the best. It is very prompt - I have always enjoyed a free, reliable, next-day delivery service and would recommend CartridgeSave to any.

  • "Quality" 23 Feb 2014 Mazz from Shepeau Stow

    As always I find these cartridges the best for my printer - never a problem with HP genuine ink cartridges! Cartridge Save offers a first class service for these.

  • Found and Saved 23 Feb 2014 Rojo from Dorchester DT1 1GR

    These were the four elements of the multipack I ordered. They did not come as a multipack which I had ordered , I did not mind having them separately and thought nothing of it. Just glad to have the ink delivered so quickly.

  • 'Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 23 Feb 2014 Neat from Kent

    Fantastic - what more can I say!

  • Very Good All Round Service 21 Feb 2014 Bill Semmens from Penzance Cornwall

    The product is very good value for money but more importantly the delivery service is very very good and very helpful phone service as well.Full Marks.

  • Excellent service 21 Feb 2014 Bill Semmens from Penzance Cornwall

    The product is very good value for money but more importantly the delivery service is very very good and very helpful phone service as well.Full Marks.

  • Excellent service 21 Feb 2014 Bill Semmens from Penzance Cornwall

    The product is very good value for money but more importantly the delivery service is very very good and very helpful phone service as well.Full Marks.

  • Superfast service and quality 17 Feb 2014 Shirley from Surrey

    I really appreciate the service you provide; it is easy to find the cartridges I need - last time I ordered on Friday, and although the proposed delivery date was the following Monday, they came on the Saturday morning. What could be better?

  • Good value 15 Feb 2014 JOC from Bristol

    Great product, good service and excellent value for money

  • amazing delivery service 14 Feb 2014 lorraine from fleet hants

    product works but ink never seems to last long in our printer. very speedy ordering and delivery service, ordered lunchtime and arrived in post the next morning!

  • Very Impressive 8 Feb 2014 Mrs L Lewis from Torquay, Devon.

    I was very impressed with the service I received. I ordered my High Capacity Black cartridge one day and it was with me the next. How quick is that! Excellent service.

  • Cartridge Save 2 Feb 2014 Bob from West Kirby

    Great service - will use again

  • Very prompt 30 Jan 2014 Conni from Chester

    This arrived next day, so I was very pleased especially as I didn't have to pay the postage. I still think they are too expensive when you think of all the other colours you need.

  • Bill 21 Jan 2014 Bill from Scotland


  • HP364XL 20 Jan 2014 G from Wakefield

    Genuine HP cartridge at a good price and with exceptional delivery.

  • Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 16 Jan 2014 STEVE from BIRMINGHAM

    Excellent value. Long lasting cartridge. Will use Cartridge Save again and recommend to friends.

  • Easier to undo 16 Jan 2014 maggiedee from Rainham Gillingham Kent UK

    I found it easier to undo the orange handle this time The ink is fine and there are no clogged fonts.

  • Excellent product 16 Jan 2014 kassa

    Excellent product fast delivery.

  • Black ink cartridge 12 Jan 2014 Stephen from Wirral

    Excellent ink cartridge easy to use and fit into printer. Quality of ink excellent and lasts a long time,.

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    First class service. Totally satisfied.

  • HP 364XL Black Ink Cartridge 6 Jan 2014 DGR from Essex

    First class OEM product at very competitive price with rapid delivery.

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    Excellent product, works first time, recognised by printer as genuine replacement

  • Black 3 Jan 2014 Boo from Cambridge

    Very efficient also excellent delivery. Order today the cartridges arrive tomorrow

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    Very fast service and very good price will keep on using

  • First class service 30 Dec 2013 Brenda from Dodworth

    Excellent product!

  • High Capacity 30 Dec 2013 Inky from Chester

    Very good performance - much more convenient than standard capacity cartridge

  • Genuine Ink Cartridges - you get what you pay for! 27 Dec 2013 Amanda Kirby from Northwich, Cheshire

    More expensive to buy genuine, but having tried other "copies" the genuine cartridges are always the best way to go. Excellent quality & last longer. Order arrived day after order was placed, well packaged - excellent service & delivery.

  • EXCELLENT VALUE! 27 Dec 2013 Jacqui Cousins from Totnes Devon TQ9 5DZ

    I have been buying all my cartridges from you for the past three years because they arrive the next day and are of excellent quality.

  • HP ink cartridges 19 Dec 2013 bj from Near St Albans

    Pleased with prompt service and product is fine.

  • HP ink cartridges 19 Dec 2013 bj from Near St Albans

    Pleased with prompt service and product is fine.

  • HP ink cartridges 19 Dec 2013 bj from Near St Albans

    Pleased with prompt service and product is fine.

  • Excellent service 16 Dec 2013 Garbo from North Yorkshire

    I can find no fault with this company, they are efficient, offer good value on a website that is easy to use. Thank you.

  • Excellent product in perfect condition. 15 Dec 2013 Jumbo from South Yorkshire

    The product perfect condition and was exactly what I ordered. The delivery system was affected by a delay caused by the Royal Mail service.

  • Service 13 Dec 2013 Green from CV77EG

    Excellent service - product ditto

  • Good reliable product but pricey 13 Dec 2013 Sam

    I recommend this product to be sure of your printing outcome. However, it comes at a price.

  • Speedy delivery 12 Dec 2013 A.Ball from Wiltshire

    Easy to order ,speedy delivery and good price. What more could you want?

  • Great and efficient service 28 Nov 2013 Oonagh from Edinburgh / St Andrews

    Product arrived axactly when it said it would arrive. Printer works great with them. Quick reorder process was really easy to use and saved me going to the bother of entering all my details again. Packaged in a great manner to stop damage.

  • Hp ink. Cartridge 28 Nov 2013 Rod Mobile from Shropshire

    Excellent service. Will use again, for sure

  • Ink Cartridge 23 Nov 2013 Mandy from Poole

    I purchased this item as part of a multipack. They arrived very quickly and I am pleased with my purchase. Thank you.

  • as before 17 Nov 2013 as before from as before

    all the inks I bought that day the same write up applies to all

  • New User 14 Nov 2013 Diane from Edinburgh

    This is the first time I have ordered from you but was pleased with the price and the excellent speed of delivery. Will definitely order with you again.

  • Cards 14 Nov 2013 Anne from Glasgow

    I make cards for cancer research and print out decoupage sheets the quality of printing with HP genuine ink is great there is no point in wasting time and paper if you buy cheap ink.

  • Great service ... as usual !! 11 Nov 2013 Ihab from London

    Thanks for making the transaction so easy and for the quick delivery too :-)

  • FAB! 7 Nov 2013 ptak5566 from Derby

    Good quality ink with great end product.

  • Complete confidence in perforrmance 4 Nov 2013 Whitaker from North Wales

    For once, I can be sure that each documeent will appear with 100% successs.

  • Genuine HP 364xl review 4 Nov 2013 Harriet O'Brien from Oxfordshire

    I usually change my cartridge about once every two months. This cartridge lasted about a month longer, despite the fact that I was printing several long documents during that time. But does it make a difference as to whether a cartridge is a genuine one from the maker or a less expensive make from another producer? My past experience of using cheaper high capacity makes is that the register is just a tiny bit out and so the print very slightly blurry. The print with this cartridge was excellently sharp.

  • Excellent 1 Nov 2013 Nick from York

    I have always found the high capacity genuine ink cartridges the best value.

  • HP Inkjet cartridges 29 Oct 2013 Gideon from Salisbury

    For trouble-free, good quality, modest volume printing, the original HP cartridges are worth the extra price. Cartridgesave prices were good.

  • Review high capacity ink cartridges 26 Oct 2013 Sally Treadgold (Mrs) from Bramley

    Excellent product!

  • Big Black 24 Oct 2013 Win from Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Good quality, goes a long way

  • Excellent. But still expensive. 21 Oct 2013 Pedro from South Wales

    Excellent - but considering that HP hikes its prices and decreases correspondingly the amount of ink in its cartridges as compared to the past, their profitablity must be very good, whilst faithful users of their products pay through the nose.

  • great cartridges 20 Oct 2013 coeliac17 from near Newbury

    just great HP cartridges that perform as they should. Never worth buying compatible these cartridges are far superior and good value.

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    Excellent service, prompt delivery and guaranteed pricing as promised

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    Very good

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    Easy to find what 1I wanted, quick to order, next day delivery, excellent!

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    Easy to order, Price good. Delivery first class

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    I never order anything else. Usual quality and speedy delivery from Cartridge Save.

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    very good

  • Good con 28 Sep 2013 P.E.P. from Deepest Somerset

    Good inks - system works well but as we all know the price of inks is an abslute can trick and they are grossly overpriced. However we have no real choice.

  • HP ink cartridges. 27 Sep 2013 Alan Rice, p.p. Astolat Bowling Club. from Guildford, Surrey.

    The cartridge is everything required in terms of quality of print and the number of pages it produced.

  • HP ink cartridge 22 Sep 2013 Judy from co Durham

    gr8 product quick delivery. Never have any problems with this company.

  • Just the job! 20 Sep 2013 Lisa from Dunfermline

    The high capacity carts are great and seem to last for ever!!

  • HP 364XL Cartridge 19 Sep 2013 DGR from North Essex

    First class service as always

  • Service and product review 16 Sep 2013 The Recruitment Site Limited from London

    Cartridge Save can always be relied upon to deliver on time. Quality products and competitive prices. I wouldn't shop for this product anywhere else. I also value the recycling service which I always use.

  • Review 13 Sep 2013 Linda from Warrington

    I've ordered for my home printer many times and find it all very efficient. Cartridge fine. Just decided to start ordering for the office and received my first brother laser refill - no idea just yet how good it is or if it fits - wont know until current one runs out. No doubt all will be fine.

  • Computer inks 12 Sep 2013 Pobsart from Pembrokeshire

    Fast delivery time. Excellent. 5*

  • HP 364XL ink jets 9 Sep 2013 Jan from Kidderminster

    The actual product is very good, but the delivery service was exceptional. I ordered late on the afternoon and recieved the parcel first post next day. Thank you very much, this is what costumers need.

  • Genuine printer cartridge 8 Sep 2013 JP from Dudley

    Genuine product at an ok price delivered quickly

  • Oh No! 5 Sep 2013 Sues from Devon

    oh no! out of ink when i have to get this done urgently, no worries, just click onto and new ink will be with me next morning. Lifesavers

  • ink review 1 Sep 2013 freckles from scotland

    The ink arrived very quickly which was great. It has however lasted only for a month which surprised me. Didnt think that I had done that much printing!

  • No problems - as you'd expect. 30 Aug 2013 Andy Belshaw from Northumberland

    Genuine product so no problems here. Slightly cheaper than buying from the likes of PC World, etc. Next day delivery - very good service considering they don't charge for p&p.

  • Black ink 29 Aug 2013 BJ from North East England

    Working well. Immediate delivery

  • long lasting 22 Aug 2013 Jo from Cheshire

    Lasts a lot longer than the standard cartridge. Much prefer these XL ones

  • HP 364XL cartridge 16 Aug 2013 Robin from Kent

    V g value for money,

  • Satisfied 15 Aug 2013 Mal B from London

    Lives up to its promise on price and quality

  • Superb service 15 Aug 2013 Mick W from Upton upon Severn

    I had a problem with a cartridge - had brilliant response - customer service 100%!

  • Review 9 Aug 2013 fred from norfolk

    The cartridges seem to work well. I will buy more

  • Just short of really good 4 Aug 2013 Dee from Bromley, Kent

    Excellent product but the ink doesn't last long enough. I don't do a great deal of printing, and it is mainly black and white. However, with the amount of times I keep having to replace the cartridge, it makes it expensive.

  • Excellent 1 Aug 2013 J from Berkshire

    Prompt service as always

  • Quick Excellent service 27 Jul 2013 Constance Lamb from London

    I was surprised at the quick excellence service. Ordered it at noon and it was with me the following day! I decided to order the genuine High Capacity Black HP Ink Cartridge to ensure there were no problems. I'm pleased to say there weren't - Vital when running a business. I will definitely be ordering again from Cartridgesave - thank-you.

  • Quality 26 Jul 2013 Sue from Norfolk

    I would recommend that anyone with an hp printer to use hp ink for quality.I would also recommend Cartridge save to everybody as I have received excellent service from them .

  • Good value 25 Jul 2013 Golly from Basingstoke

    Good value fast delivery would use Cartridgesave again.

  • Great quality prints 12 Jul 2013 Fufffs122 from Northamptonshire

    I know that lots of people choose to buy compatibles for their printers but In my opinion, it's worth buying the genuine HP inks, as the quality of print they produce is superior. The high capacity cartridge does last a lot longer than the normal 364 and I'm a heavy user. Great service from Cartridgesave too,very prompt delivery and I wouldn't buy from anywhere else now. I especially like the fact they send you postage paid recycle bags for the old cartridges, simples!



  • HP products 2 Jul 2013 Angie from Nantwich Cheshire

    Excellent quality, always consistent reliability

  • rws review 28 Jun 2013 bob from newton abbot

    so far [@28/06/13 ] so good will see if XL cartridges really provide the extra claimed [by HP ] Good web site excellent supply system

  • HP 364xl ink cartridge 23 Jun 2013 Peter


  • Great! 22 Jun 2013 Ssssschhhh from Buckinghamsire

    Great - quick delivery. Original item. What more can I say?

  • good buys 16 Jun 2013 Jim from Liverpool

    Excellent value. I was a little pessimistic at first thinking that they would be seconds or refills but they were perfect in my printer.

  • Excellence 8 Jun 2013 Mary from West Midlands

    This is an excellent product and excellent service from this company.

  • Excellent 30 May 2013 Mike from Chorleywood


  • HP364XL Ink Cartridge 28 May 2013 D. Finn from Newcastle/ Tyne

    The cartridge was delivered within about 2 or 3 days in plenty of time because I ordered it when prompted by my computer. I have just installed the cartridge and everything is working perfectly.

  • Rapid service 20 May 2013 David

    As usual, extremely rapid delivery of the order.

  • excellent quality - laser fast service 17 May 2013 Lloydie from Wales

    needed some high capacity cartridges quickly to do some essential printing. Ordered these at a great price (cheapest on-line I could find for genuine HP) and got them the next day. Very impressive service!

  • Astolat B. C. printer. 16 May 2013 Alan. from Guildford.

    The club printer is used toprint off club team sheets etc; and the quality of print when using this cartridge is excellant.

  • Great service and great product at great prices 14 May 2013 kennyex from woking surrey

    I would not go anywhere else to buy my HP products than Cartridgesave Kenneth Exworth Woking Surrey

  • does the job 13 May 2013 stacey

    arrived quickly and does the job

  • Marvellous 5 May 2013 Jill from Bushey

    yourprinter will never run out of ink and the service is fast and efficient

  • Always great 28 Apr 2013 Daisyj from Herts

    Love these cartridges -good quality and long lasting. Delivered really quickly as ever.

  • Commendation 28 Apr 2013 David j from nearDoncaster, South Yorkshire

    A genuine, tried and tested product at a sensible price. Delivery service beyond reproach.

  • test 26 Apr 2013 Jack from Scotland

    It was just as good as thelast cartridges I had

  • HP364XL Ink Cartridge 26 Apr 2013 Alyson Allhorse from Leicester

    As usual, your product arrived swiftly and was perfect for the job.

  • Genuine Spares - Important 22 Apr 2013 Michael from Somerset

    IMPORTANT - Recognised by the priner as being genuine therfore printer diagnostic functions work properly. Excellent value for money

  • Lasting Cartridges 13 Apr 2013 Macca from Wiltshire

    Always buy genuine HP cartridges. They last a lot longer and this Company always sends them out promptly

  • High capacity cartridge 12 Apr 2013 ChrissyG from Cheshire

    Good quality, but did not last as long as I'd hoped/expected. Perhaps because printer is new and "bedding in". Excellent service as always from Cartridgesave .

  • HPP ink 7 Apr 2013 DSM from Northwest

    absolutely fine - will use again

  • Review of Black HP 364 XL 7 Apr 2013 Shlomo from Golders green, London

    This product worked perfectly well, giving good service. Delivery wasry prompt.

  • Name 6 Apr 2013 Not needed from Northumberland

    Trouble free

  • Replacement 5 Apr 2013 BJ from Middlesbrough

    I've used these cartridges for several years, and have always been pleased with them. I haven't used this particular cartridge yet, but see no reason for it not to perform as well as the others. Thanks to CartridgeSave for their usual quieck service.

  • Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 31 Mar 2013 STEVE R from WEST MIDLANDS

    Excellent value. Speedy service. Will use again.

  • Good 28 Mar 2013 Laura from Edionburgh

    Does what it says on the tin!

  • happy 28 Mar 2013 elaine from iver bucks

    good price high quality fast service

  • Excellent Service 18 Mar 2013 Nick from York

    The on line order process was easy and the item was delivered the following day - as always an excellent service.

  • Ink Cartridge 18 Mar 2013 oozy from Edinburgh

    Arrived promptly in appropriate packaging. Very pleased with product.

  • Service 9 Mar 2013 Rogcook from Winchcombe

    Prompt sevice by return of post.

  • Quality 4 Mar 2013 Mrs Jennings from South West

    A great quality product with the cheapest price around!

  • Black Ink Cartridge refill -HP Deskjet 3070A 3 Mar 2013 Mike from Brede East Sussex

    A quick and effective purchase - although I am anxiously awaiting how long the ink last as only two weeks after installing the replacement cartridge I got a message on the HP Deskjet 3070A that the ink was getting low again!

  • Excellent 3 Mar 2013 Customer from Berkshire

    The cartridge arrived very quickly and is competitively priced. Very pleased!

  • Brill service 2 Mar 2013 SRB from Derbyshire

    I shall be back - returning customer is good customer. I shall recommend

  • Great Service 1 Mar 2013 Guitarman from London

    Great product and great, reliable service.

  • HP Genuine High Cap 364XL Black Ink Cartridge 25 Feb 2013 Rod W from Stoke Poges Bucks

    Excellent Buy,and Brilliant Service from Cartridge Save

  • Excellent 24 Feb 2013 Karen from Tyne and Wear

    Once again, excellent service, excellent delivery and excellent price! Will definitely use again!

  • Ink Cartridges 21 Feb 2013 Janet from Ribble Valley, Lqncashire

    I am pleased with the cartridges that you supplied. They were well packed and promptly despatched. you will be hearing from me again!

  • Super 18 Feb 2013 Jo from Cheshire

    Great longer lasting cartridge

  • Inky 15 Feb 2013 96griffen from Sussex

    Cartridge arrived promptly as described and works fine. I wait to see how long it lasts - a month so far

  • Peter's product review 14 Feb 2013 Peter from Cheshire

    Great product, a quality item, delivered on the date advised. You're on my desk adviser for the next order.

  • Great buy 7 Feb 2013 Kate from Bristol

    Excellent service and quick delivery.

  • Good Service 3 Feb 2013 Alan Williamson from Stockport

    You took me by surprise a little as 3 out of 4 items arrived in one pack on one day and the missing item arrived the next day. You get used to orders only being sent when complete, well done again great service. Product exactly as described.

  • efficient service 3 Feb 2013 workaholic from Warwickshire

    Received the cartridges quickly this was exactly what I needed as I had almost run out.

  • HP 364XL 13 Jan 2013 Busn from London

    Great product

  • Get the correct ink cartridge and it can't be faulted 12 Jan 2013 Pauline Holloway from Banstead

    Fantastic now I've got the correct ink cartridge. Sorry I was misguided earlier. Delivery wasd sfaster than I would have thought possible

  • Dependable 10 Jan 2013 Silvana from Wilts

    no problems

  • Good value product 10 Jan 2013 Peter from Harrow ha1 2qd

    No problem fitting and works ok.

  • Best Value 10 Jan 2013 The Bull from Inverness

    This ink is about one of the cheapest on the market, with Cartridgesave you don't lose the quality because of the price. I have never had any delivery problems with this company, with all purchases being delivered within 3 days. I will be using them for future purchases.

  • Excellent Value! 10 Jan 2013 Jacqui Cousins from South Devon

    Yet again CARTRIDGESAVE come up to scratch with a high quality product! Good cartridges delivered post haste, the day after being ordered. WELL DONE and GOOD LUCK! You deserve to succeed in 2013 so this contented customer hopes you have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Dec 12 delivery 3 Jan 2013 johnwsnr from Berks

    Exactly as advertised & fast delivery

  • service 15 Dec 2012 Snowdrop from East Sussex

    The service I receive from Cartridgesave is excellent. Unfortunately the ink cartridges run out too quick - I really must stop doing so much charity work!!

  • Good service 14 Dec 2012 Frank from North

    Prompt delivery of first class product.

  • Not necessary 10 Dec 2012 Donald F Lloyd from Newcastle upon Tyne

    Having bad experience of "refills" have always ordered new HP cartridges. For the first time I have had one printhead blockage with the genuine cartridges but will still purchase these.

  • Value for money 9 Dec 2012 Heather from Luton, Bedfordshire

    Getting through a lot of ink, it seemed sensible to pay less when buying more.

  • satisfaction 29 Nov 2012 roob from woking

    satisfied good value and service

  • high capacity ink 18 Oct 2012 Dusty from SE London

    excellent product excellent service

  • Fast Delivery 14 Oct 2012 Pet from Castleford

    I am very impressed with the speed of delivery. I ordered on Thursday, and I received my order on Friday morning, just as cartridge save promise. Fabulous!

  • Good Service 25 Sep 2012 Dave from Gloucester

    Cartridges arrived two days after ordering

  • Great service 20 Sep 2012 Leia from Derbyshire

    Super service, always deliver when stated...brilliant

  • quick 22 Aug 2012 do not have one from selby area

    very good

  • Excellent service 20 Aug 2012 Love to travel from West coast of Scotland

    Couldn't believe my eyes when the ink cartridge dropped through the letterbox! I live on the west coast of Scotland and generally next day delivery means 3-4 days although ot in this case. Thanks so much because as usual I really needed it the day before!

  • excellent 29 Jun 2012 MS

    Next day delivery, v competitive price, quality long-lasting product. Couldn't be happier.

  • Good result 14 Jun 2012 Ann from Windsor

    Very pleased with this item. Also good service.

  • Cornish Review 11 Jun 2012 BILL from PENZANCE CORNWALL


  • Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 8 Jun 2012 Alan Blake from Wiltshire

    Excellent product. Quick and efficient service, all at a competitive price.

  • HARD UP 4 Jun 2012 Mike kilkenny

    Too pricey

  • It Works! 4 Jun 2012 Steve from West country

    Good ink, does what it says on the box. That's all I ask of it!

  • HP cartridge 1 Jun 2012 dock from Londonderry

    Good quality at a reasonable price, and excellent delivery time, ordered one day received next. Your company gets my vote.

  • Great Service 28 May 2012 GBH from Lincolnshire

    Good Product,Delivered Quickly

  • Happy Customer 19 May 2012 Jules from Bristol

    Have recently changed my printer but finding and ordering the replacement cartridge was really easy, very pleased with the overall service again.

  • HP Cartridges 5 May 2012 ValG from Maidstone

    The cartridges were the correct ones for the printer. Delivery was extremely prompt.

  • Excellent 5 May 2012 DLJ from Llanrwst. North Wales.

    Once again ordered items from Cartridge Save. The service remains the same as ever, "EXCELLENT" It cannot be faulted in my opinion. Highly reommended.

  • Robson & Co Solicitors 30 Apr 2012 NA from Hythe Kent

    Good product

  • Good service 28 Apr 2012 Michael. from Devon.

    What I liked about this site was the fact that a lot of information was available to help you make sure that you ordered the right item,with so many similar printers of the same brand and different product numbers it gets confusing, Very quick delivery, all round very good.

  • HP Black Cartridge 27 Apr 2012 Bill from Cambridge.

    It is working fine as usual.

  • Altered size of the cartridge 5 Apr 2012 Harvey

    The ink seems the same quality and I will have to wait for the quantity to be judged but the size has reduced, difficult to see how the same quantity is installed

  • HP 364XL 5 Apr 2012 VATman from Norwich

    Great - prints well

  • Not in use. 2 Apr 2012 None from Hampshire

    Recent supply not in use as yet. Normally I have good results with HP products. Your alternatives (Cheaper) do not work in my printer. Question: Can you supply the same pack of 4 cartridges in the larger XL sixe?

  • Confusion over numbers 30 Mar 2012 Mervyn Lack from Harrow

    I found it very confusing, which ultimately cost me money, that the photo cartridge had the same reference number as the ordinary print cartridge. They are different sizes and should surely have some distinguishing feature in the reference number to avoid this confusion. You cannot know the difference until the packet is opened, and attempted to fit in the printer, by which point any refund is negated.

  • XL cartridges 26 Mar 2012 BJ from Middlesbrough

    Been doing loads of printing recently - these items very reliable, long-lasting, good quality.

  • Ink cartridges 19 Mar 2012 iona from Highlands

    Very good service and delivered promptly. Will be using this company again.

  • No complaints! 6 Mar 2012 AndrewVC from Kent

    Very speedy! First rate service - no complaints! Thank you.

  • as previous 23 Feb 2012 Thomas Young [Tosh to my friends] from Whitworth Rochdale,Lancashire.

    as previous

  • Excellent! 20 Feb 2012 Gill watson from Penicuik, Midlothian

    Excellent product, excellent service. Thank you!

  • Right price, fast delivery 10 Feb 2012 Mumzy from Kent, UK

    Excellent price for printer cartridges compared to other on-line sites and far better than any high street price. Fast delivery. This is my second purchase from Cartridge Save & I don't think I would go anywhere else now for printer ink!

  • great service 6 Feb 2012 Judy from birmingham

    thank you for your efficient service. I know if I order today it will arrive tomorrow. Great price too

  • Black ink cartridge 6 Feb 2012 Bowler32 from Sherborne

    Excellent value for a high capacity black ink cartridge.

  • Peace of Mind 20 Jan 2012 Gus Williams from Lunsford Park, Kent

    Snappy fast by return delivery, correct product, a feeling the price was competitive and that next week I would not find the same elsewhere cheaper.

  • Just the job 14 Jan 2012 Roger from Aberdeen

    I knew these XL cratridges existed but could not find them anywhere. Cartridge Save had them in stock. I am currently using the first one. No problems so far and it hasn't run out so it must be bigger than the standard ones.

  • Ink cartridge 12 Jan 2012 Rennie from Cambridgeshire

    Arrived very promptly and correctly packed, very good.

  • ink cartridge 7 Jan 2012 Wendy from Horsham

    excellent service, rapid delivery, good price

  • Service 29 Dec 2011 Michael from Home

    Ordering and delivery excellent

  • HP cartridge confusion 15 Dec 2011 John from East yorkshire

    Your assistence sought in a problem with an HP cartridge purchased from Amazon. You gave me an instant explanation (Amazon floundered ) and supplied the correct cartridge which has been working perfectly. Thank you

  • speedy delivery 15 Dec 2011 nan from isle of skye

    Just when you need printing yesterday, Cartridge Save.....Save the day, and delivered the very next day.

  • Excellent Service 1 Dec 2011 21celsius from London

    The ink is fine but that can be bought anywhere. What stands out is the excellent service with such easy ordering and quick delivery.

  • total satisfaction 30 Nov 2011 neil from york

    good deal in every respect

  • save on line 24 Nov 2011 HP user from NE england

    Product received as described and found good. Delivered quickly and well packaged. Priced below retail shop level. On the whole, very good.

  • service 24 Nov 2011 chris from nottingham

    This is the second time I jhave ordered cartridges and once again in all areas it has been first class. Thank you

  • BLACK HP 364XL INK CARTRIDGE 21 Nov 2011 Pammy from Birmingham

    Great value & quality. I was taken aback by the speed with which my order was dispatched. I was well pleased!

  • Lightning service. ................. 14 Nov 2011 Alan Prudhoe from County Durham UK

    ...............Excellent support.Great price

  • Top quality cartridge 27 Oct 2011 Royboy from Stevenage

    It came the next day and was perfect. It was soon up and running again.

  • Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge 30 Sep 2011 Dee from Crayford, Kent

    What a good service! Quick and easy to order online, goods arrived within a few days and work perfectly! Thoroughly recommend CartridgeSave to everyone :)

  • Service 24 Sep 2011 Pat

    This cartridge is still in the store cupboard but I have had them from you before and am pleased with the product and the service THANKS

  • Black HP364XL Ink Cartridge 26 Aug 2011 Brynmo

    It is what it says on the box. Delivery good and response from Customer Care when I wanted a copy of the invoice was excellent emailed to me in the same morning I requested it.

  • a bit moor ink 12 Aug 2011 Jim from KENT

    still needs to be larger

  • Genuine Product 11 Aug 2011 Ash from London

    This is a genuine HP product that is very competitevely priced. The XL has lasted me a lot longer that the ordinary cartridge and as I tend to print mainly in B&W fast draft this is the ideal cartridge for my printer. Plus the delivery could not be any quicker. Am very happy with my purchase and would defo buy again.

  • good value 10 Aug 2011 Liz from Cumbria

    Good value and quality product. Prompt delivery from carttridge save at a reasonable cost compared to local shops.

  • quick, efficient service 9 Aug 2011 RANDGILLY from surrey

    As always, I have been pleased with the quick efficient service I have received. The ink cartridges are excellent and will continue to use this service.

  • Great cartridges 17 Jul 2011 Di from Dorset

    Extremely quick delivery, reasonably priced, will shop again

  • Genuine HP Cartridges 8 Jul 2011 Black Sheep from Scotland

    Got to be a lot better than the pale imitations, though not cheap.

  • At last it fits perfect 7 Jul 2011 Ursa from Bristol

    I have purchased at least 3 cartridges for my HP printer, trying to get a XL black cartridge that actually fits. Very difficult when there are so many different sizes, and all of them have been the wrong size waste of money. The cartridge save website was very helpfull in purchasing the correct cartridge. At last I can print away happily. Would definately use again infact about to order some more.

  • Good Prompt Service. 12 Jun 2011 None from North East

    Was more than happy with the service, will use again.

  • 'Genuine High Capacity Black HP 364XL Ink Cartridge - (CN684EE)' 8 Jun 2011 Richard Cooke from WARRINGTON

    It was the same size as the non XL It was probably incorrectly labeled. Electronic Identified as XL. But there was space in my printer for a wider cartridge.

  • HP 364XL 27 May 2011 FattusMattus

    Excellent service and a great price, thanks

  • HP cartridges 27 May 2011 Red from Devon

    I am very pleased with the cartridges and at the quickness of the delivery.

  • save at Cartridge save 22 May 2011 stuart from bude cornwall

    delivered when stated in a good condition, good packageing the exact product was sent

  • good 16 May 2011 none from north yorkshire

    I have dealt with this firm for a long time and 99.95every thing is good

  • good Value 12 May 2011 Sg1967

    Good quality products

  • hp 364xl ink cartridge 10 May 2011 madcow from middx

    excellant value will buy again

  • HP Ink Jet Cartridge 10 May 2011 Mike Jones from Lancaster

    Excellent service at a great price.

  • excellent 9 May 2011 rob from wilts

    super fast delivery product as stated

  • HP Ink Cartridge HP364XL 27 Mar 2011 Tony G from Aberdare South Wales UK

    Excellent product. Fully compatible with printer, will order more when its used up.

  • Excellent product and service 23 Mar 2011 Marita from West Yorkshire

    Can recommend and will use service again.

  • Brilliant 22 Mar 2011 Ruth from Devon

    Excellent Product and service

  • Prices 18 Mar 2011 Hello from South

    Prices are creeping up and now getting expensive.

  • hp cartridge 1 Mar 2011 suzi from twickenham

    gud product had no probs

  • Please note, HP have changed the size of this cartridge . 1 Mar 2011 jofna from Tonbridge

    HP have changed the size of this cartridge but it is still called the 364XL. The graphic on the cartridgesave website still shows the previous larger size. Having queried this with cartridgesave they were very helpful and were aware of the change - the smaller as 364XL still fits my HP 309g printer and appears to work satisfactorily.

  • Are my eyes deceiving me 27 Feb 2011 Bill from Worcester

    I always use XL cartridges, for economy and time reasons. My HP 364 XL Black Ink Cartridge has always been about twice the size of the other colours in this range. Imagine my surprise when they arrived and the black XL Cartridge was, this time, the same size as the others. This had not been the case previously. Is there less ink than previously or is there a change is packaging whereby the same amount is squeezed into a smaller container. I await to monitor the results with interest.

  • good service 25 Feb 2011 AppleAddict from Solihull

    My cartridges arrived the next day as advertised, with free delivery. Also, I had reason to call customer services with a query and they were EXCELLENT. I WILL order from Cartridge Save again.

  • First class service 18 Feb 2011 Steven Taylor from Essex

    Arrived next day!!! Beat that.

  • Very helpful! 13 Feb 2011 Simon from Suffolk

    Helpful retailer on the phone, quality product, good price

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